27: A Lovely Virus

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Anna's eyes widened, and the world crawled at slow motion speed. Fonte's first mate was beginning to get up from the deck above Anna's head. Fonte's deadly blade was glistening against the sun as it was moving towards her at a deadly rate of speed, and intending execute her. Her mind froze, but her muscles took over her body.

She instinctively rolled onto her right side. The deadly blade meant for her  embedded itself deep in the deck so close to Anna that the edge of the metal cut her side. She quickly grabbed Fonte's wrist, and drew her hidden blade on that hand.
Her blade stuck clean through his wrist. Fonte's face contorted unhumanly, and he let out an agonizing screech. The first mate sprawled on the deck above Anna was now beginning to stand up and draw his weapon.

Anna pressed her boot into Fonte's crotch and with both her foot and her arm, launched him clean over her and right on top on his first mate who was now sandwiched between Fonte and the deck.
Anna quickly rolled onto her feet, and with a scream of rage, dug her sword through Fonte's chest and beneath him into his first mate's stomach. Both men cried out in pain as the sword impailed them.

Anna furiously went to Fonte's sword still buried in the deck, and after a struggle, retracted it from the wood of the deck. She slowly walked up to Fonte as she held his own blade to his throat.

His dialating, green eyes flickered around his ship one last time. The battle was ending.
He had lost.
His own sword was held to his neck.

His dull eyes looked at the deadly blonde woman that held his cutlass. Her burning blue eyes twinkled with evil,
"How does it feel, James, to die by the hand of a girl that you once deemed unworthy to sleep with pigs?"

With a slow smile, she dug the blade into Fonte's throat. A sickening gurgle eched through his throat along with a stream on crimson blood. Then, he was dead.

Joel panted up to Fonte's body then lifted his sword in the air in victory at the sight of Fonte's body. The few remaining Navymen threw down their weapons in surrender when they saw their captain and most of their crew dead. Anna tore her eyes from their prisoners being rounded up, and stared at Fonte's elegant sword sticking out of his neck.

Edward walked onto the poop deck to see Anna using her foot to yank the captain's sword out of Fonte's neck. She held the skinny, crimson-stained blade out to catch the hot sun,

"I always did like this sword, James."
She teased as she spat on his corpse.

She took her dead adversary's blade and sheath, and attached it to her own belt. She now had two blades, and felt twice as deadly.
Edward walked towards Anna and put a hand on the small of her back. Her dangerous blue eyes whipped to him in attention.

Edward said lowly,

"The prisoners are waiting for me."

Anna shifted her gaze behind Edward to the main deck at the cowering redcoats with their hands tied behind them.

Anna asked Edward,

"What are you going to do with them."

Edward stroked small circles on Anna's back with his thumb,
"I think you should handle this one. You deserve it."

Anna grinned and pecked a kiss on his rough cheek before heading down to the prisoners. Anna laughed as she recognized one as Jim; the man that Anna and Joe made rigging with on her first days aboard the Jackdaw.

Anna sliced the hat off of Jim's head as she walked by him, and all the captives noticeably flinched. With eyes of blue steel, she dramatically sheathed Fonte's bloody sword into her belt, and purposefully drew out the spine tingling metal sound.

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