13: Not Cheating

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Each wave distantly splashing on the shore felt like a horse stepping on Anna's head.

She pouted in her sleep as she uncomfortably flipped her head from one side of the pillow to the next. Slowly, she opened her eyes. She was in a tent, and the morning sun was beating through it. Sprawled across her chest was Edward's bare arm. He looked like he was still asleep next to her.
If Anna didn't feel like a hanged seagull, she would have smiled at the sight of him. He was lying shirtless on his stomach with his apendages spread out like a starfish. His face was buried so far deep in the pillow next to Anna that she couldn't see a hint of his face. Anna's eyes narrowed in sudden anger as she noticed a small name tattooed on the right side of his back,


Who the fuck is Caroline?

Why didn't I notice that before?

Anna suddenly felt the need to throw up. She bolted upright, and to her surprise found the Hangover Bucket on the side of her bed. She quickly grabbed it and emptied the contents of last night's fish into in.
She heard Edward stirring from behind her,

"Rising and shining I see, popsy."

Anna groaned and Kenway laughed,

"I think you outdrank me last night."
He exclaimed.

Anna looked at him through her red, blood shot eyes. He had flipped over and rested his hands behind his head, making his tatooed chest muscles flex.

God, he looks-

She threw up again. This time, Edward appeared behind her to pull back her hair.
She panted,

"Thank you."

He whispered in her ear,

"No problem, love. Here, got some of John's hangover herbs."

Anna quickly seized them from his hand and ate them as fast as possible. She sat down on the floor of the tent and looked at Kenway. Her eyes widened as she noticed the huge purple mark on his neck.

"Oh god.." She groaned lazily.

Edward cocked his head. Anna pointed to his neck.
Kenway felt it and smirked,

"It's my pride, and joy, popsy.. You don't remember?"

"Oh God.."
Anna repeated as she stood up,

"How far did we get last night?

Edward laughed,
"You were too drunk to balance yourself on top of me even if you tried. I was laughing too hard to try."

Anna simply raised an eyebrow.

Never drinking this much.. Again.

She went to walk out of the tent,

"Anna?" He asked cautiously.


Edward paused,

"Whose Charlie?"

"What?!" Anna exclaimed,

Did I talk about Charlie last night? I never talk about Charlie..

"You were calling out to him in your sleep last night."
Edward stated.

Anna's eyes softened, and she couldn't keep the pain from her eyes. If they stayed on this topic for much longer, she would cry. Charlie was the man who raised her, and the one whom she joined the thieves' guild with.

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