35: Recruits and Revalations

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Both of The Sage's pirates dropped dead.
Expecting to be the next victim, Edward drew his pistol and pointed it at the Sage. However, the murderous captain quickly holistered his smoking pistol.

Edward yelled in shock,
"Jesus Christ, Roberts what the fuck is wrong with you?!"

The Sage simply walked past Edward to the door,
"Those men wouldn't have been able to handle what was behind that door. You, I suspect you have a bit more ball in your sack. Now, pick up the chest." He ordered calmly as he walked inside of the Observatory Temple.

On the beach, the Jackdaw and The Royal Fortune impatiently waited side by said for their captains to return. The Jackdaw crew was more rebelious than ever. The lingering looks from the strong crew of Robert Bartholomew himself only added to the stress.

Joel and most of the other pirates of the Jackdaw approached Adawalé. Joel looked at the quartermaster with a newfound authority,

"Adawale, we have a decision to make."
Before a word left Adawale's mouth, two of his inferior sailors kicked him and forced him to his knees.

Adawalé gritted his teeth in shock,

"What the hell are you doing, Joel?"
He demanded angrily as he struggled against his sailors holding him down.

The crew of The Royal Fortune crossed onto the Jackdaw and gathered behind Joel, who nodded at the quartermaster of The Royal Fortune.

Joel kneeled down in front of Adawale's shocked face,

"Ya see, quartermaster, last night, me and some of the boys met with these gentlemen of the Sage's company, and we... came to an agreement.One that's in all of our best interest." Joel said mischievously.

The large, sly-faced quartermaster of The Royal Fortune, Rhaggs, stepped forward to Adawale and spoke in a thick Spanish accent,

"My captain has ordered us to see that you leave the island now, without your captain. The Sage has plans for him." He said slowly.

As Rhaggs mentioned Captain Kenway, Adawale struggled in vain against his own men holding him down.

Rhaggs continued,
"Your crew seemed to be more than happy with my captain's deal."

Adawale's gaze shot daggars at Joel.

Joel huffed,
"Oh, come on, Adawale! What are we even doing here? The apparently now-rich Kenway has left us high and dry to chase what? What the hell even is this place? All Kenway said were that it were a place of legend."

He spat on the flood,
"What a joke. It better fuckin' be the Fountain of Youth so that we can get back all the years of our lives that Kenway wasted!"
The Jackdaw crew cried out in agreement.

Adawale looked at Joel and growled in resentment,
"Your committing mutiny, my friend."

Rhaggs sneered,
"I think your captain has committed the greater sins. From what I hear, he has either lied to you about being rich, or he is the most greedy bastard that God ever put under the sun."

Adawale looked down at his knees in shame. Rhaggs's second suspicion was right. In his heart, Adawale had always known just how greedy Kenway was.

Joel put an understanding hand on Adawale's shoulder,
"Soap and John have both died because of Edward. He stranded our Anna and could have killed Russell if you hadn't stopped him. He also let that British rat Peter spy on us right under his nose. How much more men do we need to loose before you come to your senses, Adé? How many more lives must be lost?" Joel cooed.

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