29: Calm Before the Storm

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Anna woke up in Edward's cold, empty bed. She felt her stomach twisting, both from hunger and from his abandonment.

The fact that I'm probobly losing Edward has literally got me nauseated.

With good wind, they were expected to reach Great Inagua in by mid-afternoon. Anna eagerly patterned her long blonde hair into a side braid, and armed her eyes with harsh kohl as she reministed over Edward's confession. She whispered over and over in disbelief.

"He loves me!"

She was deeply confused by Edward's behavior, and yet she was so excited about the treasure. Her first task of the day was to satisfy her famished stomach.

She sighed and cracked her knuckles before she rushed out onto onto the deck. The crew had seemed to be at work for a few hours. Anna went to the kitchen to grabbed a biscuit for breakfast and say a quick hello to John.

"Well, nice of you to drop by once every five years!"
He pouted as he wiped his hands o a grimy kitchen rag.

"Someone's cranky." Anna laughed,

"Can I dig into the jam?" She asked innocently as she devoured the salty biscuit.

"We're all cranky except you! And no!" He huffed a laugh.

Anna snicked,
"Apparently there's PLENTY of girls aboard this tressure bound vessel! You are crankier than a whore on her bleedin!"
She said as she finished her first biscuit and greedily grab a second.

John narrowed his eyes suspiciously,
"You haven't spent longer than five seconds topside today, have ya? Have ya seen what's got our knots crankin?"

"No?" Anna answered nervously.

John sighed as he cleaned a pot with his rag,
"Adawalè sighted a Spanish ship drifting suspiciously by our stern in the night. Must've stalked since Havanna.. Or stalked The Justice which was stalking us. Eh it matters not. So damn persistent those sea hounds."
He waved his hand dismissively.

Anna froze mid-chew,
"Templars." She growled.

It was a Spanish ship, so it was sent by the Spanish governor and Templar Lord. There was a reason he was sending his men after us so relentlessly.
He wanted the Jewel River to fund his own order.

"Cap'n Keyway's been pushing us hard an woke us extra early every since word reached his ear, that's why we're all such droopy cocks."
John grumbled.

Anna nodded and shoved the rest of the biscuit in her mouth. John continued,

"The Justice and Kidd's ship ain't the only ones trailing us. Whatever treause we're after is attracting more attention than a naked virgin taking a rum bath in the middle of Nassau. Why do these ships not attack us?"
He asked desperately as he flung his floury hands in the air.

"Cause were worth more alive until we lead them to the treasure."
She said as she ascended the steps to the deck.

The day was cloudy and windy. Even the Jackdaw below this pirate's feet seemed to sense their urgency. Every man as on edge.

Adawalé was steering the ship, and Edward paced the deck and nitpicked the order of the ship. Anna watched Edward nervously.

Where do we stand now?
What do I say to him?

Edward suddenly noticed her gaze. In his eyes she saw the same hesitation that she felt. Before she could open her mouth, Edward flew to the helm and yelled at his crew,

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