19: No More

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NATIONAL ADOPT A PET DAY <3 Guess which Assassin I named my kitty after?
Hint: Named him it because a phrase said Assassin always said had the letters 'CAT' in it :-} 
Next chapter for the answer. Now back to the pirate shinanagins:

Edward gratefully noticed that his crew was up and preparing to make sail. After Edward and Anna boarded the Jackdaw, Edward pulled out the coordinates that they just retrieved and held them up to the pink sky,

"These coordinates are in Havana. Just the place where those Cocker Spaniel cocks came from."

Anna chuckled,
"Not a big fan of the Spanish, I see."

Edward made a mocking pouty face as he put the coordinates back into his armor,
"You know how you have a particular disliking for the British?"
He asked.

Said Anna.

"For me, it's the Spanish."
He shrugged as he walked to the poop deck,
"All hands! Weigh anchor! Hoist the sail. Make way for Havanna!"
He commanded.

The crew cheered as their captain took the wheel and sailed them out of the pirate port.

Anna suddenly realizes that on top of a drunk rooftop chase,  she hadn't slept in almost 48 hours, and once the last of the adrenaline left her blood, she was completely exhausted.

She went into Edward's cabin, and flopped down on his bed. Before she even knew it, she fell asleep.

It was thirty minutes later when Soap burst through the door and shook Anna from her peaceful nap,

"Anna! Anna! Humpback! He's a monster! Bigger than ya mum! Kenway wants you as the spearer!"
He yelled with excitement.

"This far north?"
Questioned Anna in disbelief as she threw her boots on.
Through her blury eyes, she saw a letter written on Edward's desk. She gritted her teeth when she read the front.

To Caroline

"Anna! Now!"
Demanded Soap.

Soap dragged Anna outside, and she climbed down into the rowboat on the side of the Jackdaw with Kenway and Adawalé. They started rowing towards the flock of seagulls circling the ocean. Anna rubbed her hands and grabbed a harpoon as she took her position at the front of the boat.

Why was Edward writing to Caroline?

Once the dingy was under the flock of seagulls, Adawalé and Edward stopped rowing and began searching for the humpback. Before long, there was a lazy splash.

"Anna! Off the starboard!"
Cried Edward.
Anna's narrowed eyes snapped to the right and landed on the beast's wet skin lurking just above the surface. Soap was right.
This one was an absolute monster.

Anna sucked in her breath and thrust back the spear with all her might towards the beast's head.

By the time that she had releases five spears, the beast was dead.

The whaling team yelled and embraced each other in victory. But once they looked back at their kill, it was gone.
Their cheer was immediately silenced.

Soap innocently asked,
"Where'd he go?"

"How do you lose a dead three hundred pound fish? "
Questioned Joel.

Keyway's eyes were set in a glare,
"Haul in the rope."
He commanded.

The three of them began hauling in the large ropes of the harpoons towards the boat. The weight of the ropes with the kill was getting closer and closer to the surface.

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