3: Broken Lines

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For three never ending days, the captives of the Albatross and Anna sat in the dark, musty brig of the Jackdaw, with only the small meals of coarse bread breaking the long hours.

Anna's mood sank slowly like a fallen vessel beneath the sea. Her blonde hair was becoming a tangled knot, and her skin was growing white from the dark. Some of the men were gaining the first hint of Brig Fever. She spent most of her time staring lifelessly at the moldy floor.

Every slave has been told more times that they can count that they are nothing more than property, but after two years of being in chains, Anna was just now beginning to understand the gravity of those words. Was their any end to the cycle of being owned by one cruel master after the next?

She thought about the strange pirate captain, the Kenway man. He had ordered that no one touch her while she was held in the brig. Adawalé, the massive African pirate that Anna assumed was Kenway's slave, had not treated her horribly either. Both men scared her to death, but as much as she hated to admit, intrigued her. Something about the way they treated her was.. Different.

The British crew didn't often speak, for they were all aware that they were heading towards a shameful and honor-less fate. Anna still hadn't uttered a word since she was taken prisoner. She did manage to grasp some information by listening to the men.

Their captor's full name was Edward Kenway, a native Welshman, commonly called "Devil dressed as a man."

His first mate was the giant Adawalé fellow, who Anna had previously assumed to be his slave.

The Jackdaw was famous for stealthily escaping a Spanish bay during a dangerous hurricane. Kenway, one of the Spanish prisoners in the bay at the time, was the mastermind behind the escape. He alone dared to set the rest of the prisoners free and sail them away on the stolen ship into the almost certain death of the stormy sea. Since the pirates escaped, Edward Kenway had renamed the vessel the Jackdaw, and constantly improved her. She has been terrorizing ships and destroying forts across the West Indies since that day. Some say a curse was on the ship; that an insatiable thirst for gold rampaged in the veins of any man that ran her sails. No matter how much they had, it was never enough.

Suddenly, the Jackdaw ceased to move on the sea beneath them, breaking the prisoners whispers.

Anna lifted her deep blue eyes to the ceiling and listened to the unnatural noises from the deck above.

Something was wrong.

"Why've we stopped?" Asked Gibbs slowly.

But no one expected an answer. An argument seemed to erupt from the pirates above them. 

Suddenly, there was a gunshot followed by silence. The prisoners didn't dare to breathe.

After an eternity of silence, six pirates, led by Adawalé, descended into the brig, and they were not happy.
He quickly unlocked all the cells. 

The prisoners stood up nervously.

"Prisoners, topside, now!"
Adawalè demanded angrily.

He drew a pistol and pointed them at the British prisoners. The other pirates did the same as the British and Anna were hustled up the stairs to the deck into the late morning sky. Anna put her hand over her tender blue eyes as the intense sunlight blinded her. Her lungs thanked her for the weightless Caribbean air instead of the musty brig air.

"Prisoners of the Jackdaw!"
Kenway shouted as he leapt down from the rigging line and hit the oak deck with a thud. He looked as if he was in a very foul mood.

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