36: Doom in the Distance

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Anna's mind didn't obsorb the revelation from the women in front of her.
She stared up blankly at Boney and Kidd,

"What?" She asked tiredly.

Boney sighed at Kidd before slowly repeating her words,
"I said your pregnant, Anna."

Like a tsunami, the reality of Boney's words crashed into Anna's mind. Nothing seemed real. The Eagle underneath Anna stopped its rocking, and the music from the main deck was muted from her ears. It felt like a dream. Anna's nervous eyes quickly darted around the deck before bouncing back to the sympathetic faces of Kidd and Boney.

Anna shook her head,

"No! I'm not pregnant! I can't be!"
She denied in a high pitched voice.

Her heart raced as she said the word 'pregnant.' Just when she thought was capable of handling anything that fate could have thrown at her, it played this cruel card.

A child?
A tiny human being?

"So you and Edward never...?" Kidd questioned.

Anna looked at Kidd blankly before she realized what Kidd was referring. Anna shook her head and blinked furiously to try to clear her hazy mind,

"No, no we did, but it just doesn't-"

A large lump suddenly clogged Anna's throat and strangled her words. Her eyes involuntarily watered, and she suddenly felt an overwhelming need for oxygen. She jaggedly gasped and rested the bridge of her nose between her fingers,

"It doesn't.. feel right."

She choked out in shame as hot tear escaped down her cheek. This only furthered Anna's shame. Kidd and Boney's faces were full of sympathy. Boney approached Anna and embraced her.
Anna was too shocked by the news to hug the caring redhead back. Anna could barely even see straight.
She couldn't breathe.
Her whole world was frozen still, and she barely felt Boney's reassuring arms around her.
Anna was completely numbed by the questions ripping her body apart.
She was vaguely away of Kidd's solemn voice passing through her ears,

"Take her to my cabin, Boney. She needs to be alone to process this mess."

Anna barely registered Boney's arms guiding her off of her seat and down the steps of the poop deck. Anna's body moved subconsciously, like she no longer had control of her own movements. As Boney dragged her towards Kidd's cabin, the unbearable questions pressed down on her mind.

How can I bring a child into this world?
What will it think of me?
What will Russsll say?
Oh, fuck...What would Edward say?
What would Edward even think?

Boney opened the door to Kidd's cabin, and Anna mindlessly droned towards the king sized bed at the back of the chambers.
Boney closed the door and walked besides Anna onto the bed,

"You alright, deary?"
Boney asked sadly.

Anna raised her knees to her chin as she sat on the bed, and absently stared out the window into the distance far away,

"How am I supposed to be a mother?
A mother?! It's a responsibility bigger than I could have ever imaged.
What am I even supposed to do?" Anna whispered.

Boney sighed and looked down. After a moment of silence, she finally said,

"I don't know, Anna. But what I do know is that me and Captain Kidd will always be here to help you."
She looked at Anna with a sad smile.

Anna met her caring green eyes,
"You shouldn't be here. This is your welcoming party. Go. Get drunk. Enjoy. This is your night after all." Anna said stonely.

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