38: Nothing To Lose

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Anna, Kidd, and Boney were dragged down to the single large cell in the brig of the La Mort Rouge. The rest of Kidd's crew  welcomed the women with relief. Kidd's men gathered around their captain in awe. They had never seen Kidd without her male façade.

Kidd looked ashamed, not only because her crew saw her as she truely was, but also because she let them down. The Eagle had sunk beneath the waves at the hands of bounty hunters, and they were sailing to their doom.

Anna's bones ached from the intense battle. Her shoulder muscles throbbed from the battling the axeman, and her arma ached from swinging her cutlass. She walked to the corner of the cell and sat on the musty floor with her back against the bars. Her stomach growled, and a cold chill ran up her aching spine despite the heavy, musty heat of the brig.

Anna looked at her empty, child-bearing belly. All she could ask herself is what would become of her child now?

Anna absentmindedly notice Boney sitting down besides her.
Boney, like the rest of the crew, was a mess. Her oily, red hair was knotted, and dried blood crusted on a path down her nose.

Boney sighed at Anna,

"I'm sorry, Anna." She said tiredly.

The prisoners who were standing began to sit down silently. They quieted down steady rocking of the ocean beneath them was now the only sound that Anna could hear.

Anger swelled in her chest,

"I will not die at the hands of the Templars." Anna gritted out loud.

She stood up and walked to the middle of the cell, gaining all of the crews attention,

"Listen, I have been in Port Royal twice, I have come out alive twice. I can do it again. I will take all of you with me." Anna said quietly.

Jacques stood up and asked shyly,
"Why don't we attack 'em here? We won't need to escape Port Royal if we never get there."

Anna resisted the urge to drop her jaw at his naïve idea, even more so when some of the crew muttered in agreement.

Anna shook her head,

"You sir, have just proved my theory at all men of France as bloody fuckin' stupid."
She said as she shot Kidd a glace.

God knows what she sees in the oaf.

Jacque gave Anna a shocked look. Anna pinched the bridge of her nose,

"There's less than two dozen of us, and at least forty of them. What are ya going to do, Jacques? Kill the whole crew? Skip your feet clean across surface of the ocean like Jesus and escape?"
Some of the crew huffed in humor.

Anna sighed,
"The only way that we escape is if we run. There is no where to run at sea. But, gentlemen, mark my words: once we reach Port Royal, I will get us out. I know the whole layout of that God-forsaken prison, and I am a master pickpocketter. I will get us out."
Anna announced in passion.

The crew nodded in agreement.

Determination surged through Anna. This was bigger than just her now. There was someone else inside of her that would suffer for her actions.

Anna gritted her teeth,

"We will not die like this."

The crew stayed in the damp brig for five days as the La Mort Rouge sailed them to their judgment in Port Royal. Three times a day, a guard came down to the brig and threw them some bread with a panful of water.

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