22: Let Us Go

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Anna and Edward lay nestled snuggly in the dark La Villa bed. It was a peaceful morning, and the daring rays of the early morning sun shined through the curtain to reveal a small smile on both of the pirate's faces as they slept.

At that moment, everything was perfect.

Anna stirred against Edward's bare chest as her slumbering ears picked up strange, distant noises.
The more the sounds hit her eardrum, the clearer they became. The muffled clanging of swords and shouting men grew more intense by the second.


A pistol..

Anna and Edward both bolted out of bed. Without a word, Edward raced to his trousers and grabbed his pistol. Anna threw on her trousers and Ezio's blade along with Edward's shirt. Within fifteen seconds, they were both out the door wide awake, and looking down into the courtyard.

The plaza full of Edward's scattered pirates under attack by Spanish officers.
On the enemie's yellow, Spanish uniforms was a red pendant signifying that the men were sent by Governor Torres. These men were Templars.

Anna growled in anger as she saw a Spaniard shoot one of the Jackdaw crew. She yelled furiously as she lept off of the balcony to Edwards decond-story room, and landed on the Templar's shoulders with her blade into the his neck. As Anna attacked below, Edward scaled his way to the rooftops and circled around to the other side of the plaza, eliminating the Spanish snipers from up high as he scurried around the plaza rooftops.

In the chaos down below Edward, Anna grabbed a dead man's sword and began ferociously attacking another Templar.

Dishivieled and bleeding from his forhead, Russell fought his way across the plaza battle over to Anna and yelled through his sword fight,

"Their the governor's men! They must have been watching us the whole time!"

Anna gritted her teeth as she disarmed an attacker and plunged her blade deep into his Templar chest.

"I know!"
She shouted back to Russell.

Anna's rage was quickly turning into panic. She had never feared a battle, but the Spanish had the upper hand against the pirates.

After the party, all of the crew was hungover, half-asleep, and taken by surprise. Every minute, more of the crew fell by their Spanish blades.

Anna saw Joel from across the plaza and shouted to him over the battle,

"Joel! Push through to the plaza exit! We need to retreat to the Jackdaw!"

The fear in her voice not bothering to find a place to hide.

Soap shouted heartily as he cracked a potted plant over his opponent's face,

"Nay! Belay Anna! We've got this ya cock suckers!"
He yelled with a madman's laugh.

Anna snapped her head to Soap and opened her mouth to scream at him when suddenly,


Four shots came from the roof, and four Spanish dropped dead, each with a hole right between his eyes.

From the rooftop, the captain dropped the smoking pistols and lept down into the chaotic plaza as he killed an enemy with each hidden blade.

He fought like the devil himself as he made his way through the plaza, quickly cutting down everyone in his path.
Anna smiled as she noticed the winds of the battle shifting towards the pirates.
With a newfound confidence, Anna spun a Spaniard around and used him as a shield as she unholstered his pistol and shot one of the last Spaniards.

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