14: Into the Shark's Mouth

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Of course, Captain Kenway wanted to be the one to "die" and sneak into the mass grave, but he needed backup in case of trouble. Joel bravely volunteered to be arrested in order to keep an eye on the captain from inside the prison.

Joel explained to the crew that he was Spanish born, and because he committed so many dire crimes on Spanish soil, he would not be put to death in Port Royal. Instead, he would first have be extradited to Havanna to face trial in his home land. This would give him adequate time to complete the mission before a Spanish fleet came to Port Royal to take him home.

The pirates planned that if three days had passed and no one heard from Kenway, Joel was to track him down from inside the prison and help him escape.
Although Joel had the safety net of Spanish jurisdiction, being Keyway's backup was a risky job. Yet, Anna had an idea to make it much easier for Joel. Anna would lift a key from the guards for Joel to allow him to sneak throughout the prison at his discretion.

Anna had done serious pick-pocketting in her past, but this assignment would be a whole new level. After all, last time she had lifted a key, it had gone terribly wrong and gotten flogged. She would never forget the anger in Edward's face.

Before the mission went underway, Kenway said to Anna and Joel,

"I heard Charles Vane is in there. If either of you happen to see him, tell him Edward Kenway sends his deepest regards."
Kenway said with a mocking tone.

The whole crew laughed.

Anna furrowed her brows,
"Whose Charels Vane?"

No one answered her.

To hide her fugitive identity, Anna threw a light skirt over her sailor's pants. The skirt conveniently hid her sword. She also packed a dagger in her chest band if any trouble found her. Then, she vanished out of Javkdaw's dock and into the night.

She roof-ran across building, walked across cables and climbed trees all without a sound.

Eventually, she made her way into the restricted area of the Port Royal prison.
Anna smirked as she remembered her extreme advantage; she had been locked up here before, and she knew exactly where the guards were stationed. She could also guess where they kept some of the keys.

She sneaked like a phantom to the building that served as the south wing of the prison. There was a greasy, mustached guard stationed in the doorway. It was the same guard from Anna's imprisonment two years ago.

As a man particularly fond of inflicting misery and suffering, all of the prisoners knew his name.

Well hello again, Brent.

Anna lifted up her skirt and scaled the side up of the building. She sneaked across the roof like a cat until she was right above the guard in the doorway. Then, she quietly peeled off some loose scales from the roof and threw them behind a guard post a few meters away.

Brent suspiciously left his position mummering under his breath to investigate the noise.


As soon as Brent he left his station, Anna grabbed the edge of the roof, swung down into the doorway, and landed silently just inside the prison.

Quiet as a mouse, she scurried past some of the dark cells occupied with sleeping prisoners. To her excitement, she found the glistening keys hangings on the wall.

Anna silently took one of the keys from the iron loop holding them together. After hiding her objective in her bodice, she decided to sneak out of the prison a separate way and avoid Brent.
She began walking when-

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