32: Beyond Belief

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Anna frantically scanned the cave for Edward. Seeing that he was not there, she bolted to her feet. She found herself alone in the cave wearing only Edward's undershirt. She quickly gathered her scattered clothes and pulled them on before running out of the cave to search for him.

The sun was new in the morning sky, and the dew dripped off of the rainforest plants as Anna anxiously ran past them. Anna's instincts oozed with uneasiness. She called his name as she ran down the path, but the only thing that answerd her worried cries was her own echo.

After running most of the way back to the settlement, she leaned her sweaty body against a tree to catch her breath.

Why would he leave me?
Did he think is was a mistake?
Why would he think it was a mistake if he said he loved me?

Anna's stomach twisted and she gaged on the painful questions in her mind. Before she comprehended what her stomach was doing, it began forcing her dinner out of her stomach and onto the jungle floor. She drew a deep breath and kept running.

Why did I have to fall in love with a fuckin' pirate?

Anna reached the village of Great Inagua, and wiped the sweat off of her brow. The town seemed less active, and some of the people gave her a strange look as she ran ran towards Edward's mansion. Her quick heart beat doubled when she saw a letter addressed to her stuck into the door by a short pirate cutlass.
Anna ripped the letter off of the door and ravonously tore it open.

Time stood still as her eyes hungrily read his letter:

Dear Anna,

Yesterday, the Sage was right. Even though I have found the Jewel River, I cannot just throw away the prize of all by labors these last five years, not when it is right in front of me. I have taken the Jackdaw to follow the Royal Fortune and find the Observatory once and for all.
I'm sorry, Anna, but after I find what I am looking for, I'm setting sail for England. I'm sorry I lied to you, but Caroline still waits for me there. Please understand that I do love you, Anna. My feelings were not one of the many lies I told you, but I still can not stay here with you. I made a promise to Caroline, and it's time I be a man and start keeping my promises. If only you could see how much I've changed since I met you. You made me a softer man. Sometimes it keeps me up at nights, and it frightens me what you have done to me.
I'm sorry that your good heart has infected mine and left yours alone. I couldn't bare to wake you and tell you that I was leaving. In all honesty, I couldn't bare to look you in your never ending eyes and tell you the truth.

Please take as much diamonds from the River as you need, and start a new life. I have already taken as much as I could carry. Kidd doesn't know it, but his main reason for arriving today was to pick you up and take you to join the Assassins. We both know that's where you really belong, and so I must too return to where I belong.

I'm sorry,

Anna's stiff back slid down Edward's door until she hit the the porch. She panted desperately. The letter dropped from her trembling hands as boiling hot tears rampaged down her face. She tries to fight the overwhelming tears.
She never wept.
She tried to calm herself and take deep breaths, but they only came out shallow and choppy. It seemed as if oxygen itself had abandoned Anna.

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