33: Distrust

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Russell sat across the bar from Anna with a seductive damsel draped under each of his arms. On of the wenches whipsered something into his ear, and he spit out a mouthful of drink on the floor with a roar of laughter.
The wheezing, drunk string of his laughter was drowned from Anna's ears by the lively music of the daytime band in the corner on the bar.

An older, flirtatious sailor named Dale had approached Anna at the bar, and Anna quickly began rambling her drunken tougne to him.
Anna leaned a little closer to Dale, and stared at him with her hazy, drunken eyes,

"So then, Doyle, the stupid guard saw me."
Anna slurred.

"It's Dale."
The stocky, black haired sailor corrected her as he put his arm further around her.

Anna ignored him and slurred,

"So I told 'im that I was the judge's niece an I a'walked right outta that fuck-hin jail with the key and a guard on ma' arm!"
She hiccupped proudly.

The pirate looked at the swaying mess of a girl on his arm in a brief moment of disbelief.

A heaving fit of laughter overtook his abdomen,

"You liar! No way in hell! You are by all means a dangerous lady, but no way a ravagous lass like you can fight! I would bet it's hard for ya to steal plunder at all!"
He laughed heartily as he took a swing of rum.

Anna's disoriented eyes narrowed dangerously on his chubby face,

"Oh really?"
She said sarcastically as she dangled the man's silver compass in front of his face.

Dale's face dropped as he saw his most expensive property in Anna's hand. His disbelieving eyes bounced back and forth between his pocket and Anna's angry face,

"How did you..." He trailed off as he felt his empty pocket which once held the compass.

Anna slammed the compass into his eye socket with all the strength her drunken body could muster. The man flew back against the top of the bar. The compass broke against his face from the devastating impact.

The commotion caused several heads to turn. Yet, Russell didn't notice the scene because he was taking turns passionately kissing the women around his arms.

Anna stumbled back with some difficulty and pointed her rum at Dale's face,
"That's awhat ya get for doubting me, Doyle!" She spat.

He whimpered in agony as he laid frozen with his back on the counter,
"Dale! You bitch! It's Dale!" He cried as he swiped broken pieces of the compass out of his eye.

Anna stumbled backwards and clumsily tripped on her own two feet. She began to fall when she felt someone catch her.
She turned around to see the face of her savior.

It was Kidd.

She had arrived and had her first mate and most of her crew behind her.

Anna laughed until she almost collapsed,
"Kidd! I missook ya for a hassome man!" She spat as she stared at Kidd's shocked face.

Kidd narrowed her eyebrows seriously as she firmly steadied Anna,
"Anna, where's Kenway? Where's the Jackdaw?" She demanded urgently.

Anna's demeanor snapped in an instant as Kidd mentioned Edward. Anna's eyes narrowed predatorily and she ground her teeth together,

"Edward? If I ev'r see that no fuckin' good... Fuckin' liar...Excuse of a man, I'll rip his fat, overgrown cock off!" Anna threatened.

Kidd sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of her nose. Anna could practically feel the headache growning in Kidd's head. From besides Kidd, her first mate, an awkward, lanky Frenchman named Jacques asked,
"How do you know Keyway's cock is fa...."

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