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The Guardians Risks (Rainbow six x Mreader) by bigdelz
The Guardians Risks (Rainbow six x...by BigDelz
A kid on his knees watching with tears in his eyes the house in front of him burn to the ground... that kid made an oath that day that as long as he can help it nobody h...
Praise [on hold] by Another_Deputy
Praise [on hold]by Jc
Farcry5 x reader oneshots - Requests; closed - Slow updates - Gender Neutral - ⚠️warnings⚠️ Mention and use of drugs and alcohol Blood and Gore Mild or Strong Language ...
Aboard the Jackdaw: Under Edward Kenway And The Black Flag by EmilyPaille
Aboard the Jackdaw: Under Edward K...by Emily Paille
#1 Rank of Edward Kenway Upon the perilous waters of the Caribbean, the dreaded Jackdaw claims her dominance. The pirate captain that some believe to be the Devil himsel...
R6S: Ready or Not by Folkzone
R6S: Ready or Notby ǝuozʞloℲ
Y/N "Cormack" L/N, a British SAS Operator of Rainbow has dedicated himself to protect, to serve, and to getting the job done by any means neccessary. Not showi...
mw3 frost reader x r6  by MRFAMAS
mw3 frost reader x r6 by MR. FAMAS
FROST y/n l/n born 1995 June 16 Lost his sqaud in a mine his only friends is Nikola and John
Far Cry 5 One Shots by RavenGlad
Far Cry 5 One Shotsby CosmicDreams
Hope County is a wild yet mysterious place and you, our reader is thrown into each chapter with a completely different scenario and a completely different love Interest...
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Eagle's Path || a PJO/AC Crossover by TheAdventurer2001
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The...by Nico Di Angelo
(Was originally named 'The Camp & The Creed') After the second war of the Greeks and Romans, fighting together against the Giants and Gaea, Percy is left with a terrible...
The seals bond (rainbow six siege x male reader) by Ace_Cottone
The seals bond (rainbow six siege...by Ace Cottone
The ace is a symbol, death is near
rainbow six Girls heaven by k4w4iitwilight
rainbow six Girls heavenby k4w4iitwilight
All characters depicted are 18+ girl + girl Rainbow six fan fiction 18+ , realistic unlike other crappy rainbow fanfiction. The situations are not based strongly on real...
ERROR 404: Watch Dogs 2  - Wrench x Reader by DrawnMystery
ERROR 404: Watch Dogs 2 - Wrench...by DrawnMystery
"Tool." You muttered, rolling your eyes playfully. His display flashed (- -) as he coated his words in sarcasm, "Good one." A moment passed before i...
Division's Frontline (Male Division Agent X Girls' Frontline) by wr3kl3ss
Division's Frontline (Male Divisio...by wr3kl3ss
The T-Dolls are given a strange, unspecific mission in the middle of a peaceful day. The only details given to them is that they are going to America, specifically Orlan...
Rainbow Six Siege Imagines by LittleFox125
Rainbow Six Siege Imaginesby Samantha Mack
This is a little book that my nerdy ass put together cuz I kinda like the thought of being friends with these operators. Requests are open, I will do smut, I will do flu...
Learning | Jacob Frye x Reader | by lailanarayan
Learning | Jacob Frye x Reader |by laila
assassin meets assassin. you and jacob frye. with the whole of london at hand and cupids' arrow at play, what could possibly go wrong? (jacob frye x reader; an assassin...
Far Cry 5 | One-shots by salemsdottir
Far Cry 5 | One-shotsby Ry
One shots/drabbles from my Tumblr. I also take requests on here! ?
Assassin's Creed One Shots by ReiGn165
Assassin's Creed One Shotsby Cull the Herd
Accepting requests for head cannons, preferences, and I will only do SFW. This is for Assassins AND Templars :D Because I love Haytham and Shay to death. There are a...
Shattered And Forsaken: A For Honor Harem Tale by KingKittyXOXO
Shattered And Forsaken: A For Hono...by MeowToAll!😸
Ubinia has suffered greatly after the Great Cataclysm. Split into three regions, the sunny highlands of Ashfeld, the snowy mountains of Valkenheim, and finally to the mu...
Assassins Creed Modern Preferences by EdgeLord1202
Assassins Creed Modern Preferencesby Salma
another book of mine!! This one will include all the assassins except bayek cause I haven't played origins yet :( anyway I hope ya like it sorry for any mistakes!!
The Book Of Joseph (Far Cry 5) by BryannaGillen
The Book Of Joseph (Far Cry 5)by Bryanna Gillen
This is The Book of Joseph. Only a couple thousand were made and given away to those who bought the Mondo edition of Far Cry 5. I thought this would be a much easier w...
the blockade ( rainbow six siege x male reader  by Ace_Cottone
the blockade ( rainbow six siege x...by Ace Cottone
when a shield is needed, I'm up first
Broken Soldier ~ Assassin's Creed 4 by WhatAJamie
Broken Soldier ~ Assassin's Creed 4by Jamie / Trash
A forbidden friendship. One startling mystery. Elisa, the step-daughter of a nobleman, finds herself befriending a man of a different social class than her. Now Elisa mu...