21: Pirated Hearts

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The pirates exited the church and began to walk through the caotic streets of Havana.
Anna smirked as she strapped one of Ezio's blades onto her arm. It was so ancient, yet it was in perfect condition, and still felt strong. There was no doubt about it: they things were built to last.

Edward held Ezio's other blade, the one with the coordinates engraved on it's steel.

Suddenly, Anna saw a bell tower and leapt away from the pirates as she began to scale it.
Edward shouted,
"Oi, where do you think your going?"

Anna grumbled as she continued scaling the wall,
"Assassin's contracts!"
She shouted simply.

I still don't want to spend time with you, anyway, Edward.

Adawalé and Edward shook their heads and kept walking back towards the Jackdaw. When Anna finally reached the top of the astonishingly high tower, she studied the land far below. From here, she could see past the haphazard rows of buildings all the way to the harbor, packed with Spanish ships. Looking down at the street below her, she spied Kenway and Adé weaving away through the crowd, and from the east, she could see just a hint of Governor and Templar Lord Torres's mansion.

I really want to sneak in and kill that rat...

Finally, her eyes saw what she was looking for.
A pigeon coop.

Anna saw a bale of hay down beneath her and smirked as she fearlessly jumped down towards it. The wind whipped by her face at break-neck speed before she landed in the soft hay. With the lingering tingle of the air nipping her skin, she made her way through the town until she arrived at the pigeon coop. She gently grabbed a bird and found the tag:

Juan Hernandez: 2000 reals

Hernandez is the captain of a ship known for trading supplies between Templar Lords. He can be found in the Hermandòs Square, guarded by his men.

The grey bird in Anna's hand struggled vainly. Anna gently hushed him and petted his soft head.
She cood gently,

"Its terrible to be trapped in that cage all day isn't it?
It's alright. I'll set you free. You can't serve a greater cause anywhere, little chickling. If only you knew what you do..."

She released the bird with a smile and watched it fly away.

After asking some townsmen, she located the Hermandòs square.

There was three Spanish guards with rifles on the rooftops, and two more watching the enterace.

Anna sat across the entrance on a bench between two Spaniards. She focused all of her senses on the three Navymen inside. She breathed out slowly as Eagle Vision possessed her, and everything her eye obsorbed was saturated to dark blue. However, one man began to glowed in gold.

Juan Hernandez.
Now, what is my plan??

There seemed to be no way to do the job cleanly even with Ezio's hidden blade strapped to her right wrist. Anna glanced at the guards on the rooftops.

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