28: Ways With Women

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Edward kept his sharp blue eyes tensely trained on the golden horizon line. He seemed to believe that if he stared hard enough, everything would be fine. Anna curiously watched from the deck.

Edward has been acting rather strange today.. I wonder why...

After the Jackdaw had put a string of dangerous rocks behind them, Anna anxiously finished helping the men secure the galions. She took a swing of rum from her canteen and wiped the sweat of her brow as she headed to the poop deck to talk to the troubled captain.

Edward smiled at her sadly when she came up on poop deck.
It was a sweet smile, but something in the pit of Anna's stomach told her it wasn't right. His face was too kind, and held pity.

Edward never holds pity..

Anna stood besides him and gazed ahead into the sunset that the Jackdaw reached towards. Anna turned to Edward with a shy smile,

"Beautiful sunset, ain't it?"
She said.

Edward absently answered.

Anna bit her lip. She had grown accustomed to Edward responding to these comments with a comment of his own about how beautiful he thought she was. Anna became uneasy when Edward gave no further comment.

Anna walked behind Edward and began massaging his shoulders,
"You seem distracted."

"Well your not helping!"
He suddenly snapped.

Anna drew back her hands from his broad shoulders with shock. His eyes stayed focused on the dying flashes of yellow on the horizon.

"Edward, what's wrong?"
Anna asked.

His passionless eyes flicked to hers,

"What's wrong? Nothing. Why don't you go below and get some sleep.
We will sail for a few more hours before calling the night."
He said with irritation.

Anna picked up on the cold tone behind his words.

"Why?" She asked.

"Why? Because we need to reach Great Inagua as fast as possible in case someone is getting there first!" He spat.

His expressions weren't in tune with his words, and his eyes didn't seem to burn along with his voice like they always did.

"Edward, your lying."
She accusted,

"Is there something your not telling me? What's got you in such a foul mood?"
She asked more desperately.

"What's got you in such a prying mood?" He spat back louder.

From the main deck, Joel called,
"Humpback a'hoy Sir! Starboard bow!"

"Leave him be!" Shouted Edward,
"Full sail to Great Inagua! No stopping!"

Edward was not known among his crew for passing up whaling opportunities, and his rejection earned him many second glances from his crew below him.

Anna drew her eyes back to Edward. She angrily crossed her arms and drew her lips into a tight line. She turned her boots around and began walking down to the deck.

Edward sighed,

"Anna!" He called back apologetically,
"I'm sorry."

Anna simply gave him an apologetic look as she walked away.

Well this is going to be one bloody long trip...
Edwards on his fuckin period.

By the time that the trips as halfway over, Anna began to suspect that her Captain's attitude was much more than stress. Some moments, he was sweeter than he ever normally was, others, he was fouler than a barrel of rotten trout. Anytime Anna asked him if he was fine, he grew angry and a fight ensued. During the nights, he didn't talk much. He didn't kiss her or pleasure her, but simply closed his eyes and ignored her as he dozed off to sleep.

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