18: Por Favor

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The party at The Old Avery lasted long into the night with the whole crew of the Jackdaw and several other well-known pirate crews. In the corner of the outdoor pub under the stars, Soap played guitar while Joel played a Carribean drum.

A few hours later, one of Kidd's pirates and some lass from the bar jumped in with the band and sang shanties.

Anna spied an old violin in the corner of the pub and with a smirk picked it up and joined the band. The crowd cheered as she introduced herself to the party with a up-beat solo. Anna played long into the night until her fingers where raw, and by that time, most of the men had either passed out, got lucky, or retired for the night.

Anna laughed in glee as the band hit its final note for the night.

Soap gleefully picked Anna up and twirled her in the air. Anna squeeled,

"Oh! Put me down Mr. Soap!"
She teased.

"But you sounded amazing with us, Mrs. Freeman!"
He chuckled as he lowered her to the ground.

It was at that moment that Anna realized that she didn't know Soap's real name.

"Soap! I just realized that I don't know your real name!"
She exclaimed.

Soap smiled broadly,
"And ya never will."
He winked.

Anna furrowed her thin eyebrows,
"Why not?"
She asked.

"Because! I want to be remembered as Soap, and nothing else!"
He smiled cheekily.

As they got one last drink for the night, Soap explained that he got his nickname when he had sailed with some bounty hunters out of Florida. A fellow sailor had once hugged him and made a comment about him needing to use soap 'for the crew's safety'. The nickname stuck.

Joel suddenly piped up,
"Oi, has anyone seen Russell?"

Adawalé walked up to the bar,

"Nay. He slipped off not long ago. Rackam said he saw the lad go off in that direction."
Adawalé said as he pointed in the opposite direction from the coast.

That ass.. that's the same direction as A Night To Remember...

With a suspicious feeling in her gut, Anna quickly left the bar and ignored Adawale's calls to come back. She had enough of Russell's playing around, and was determined to get to the bottom of her heritage.

Anna arrived at the brothel steps to find no sign of Russell. It was too late to turn back. She took a deep breath and walked inside the musty building. A short greeting whore with long, golden ringlets looked Anna up and down,

"You lost?"
The wench sneered sourly through her obnoxious lavender lipstick.

Anna looked at the ill tempered greeter,
"No. I'm wish to see the Madame."

The greeter made a disgusted face before walking off to a back room,
"Careful what you wish for.."
She mumbled.

Anna followed as the girl opened a door and walked in, leaving Anna to follow. Anna found herself in an smoke-filled office with the Madame.

She was in a seductive scarlet dress reclining on her chair with her black high heeled boots up on her beaten desk. She had long, flowing black hair and a beautiful face smeared with dramatic makeup.
The Madame dragged a pipe between her blood red lips and looked at the greeter,
"Alaina? What it this?"
She asked in a heavy Russian accent as she pointed to Anna.

The greeter, Alaina, gestured to Anna,
"She wanted to see you, Madame."

The Madame looked Anna up and down with her sly green eyes and snickered,
"None of my girls do women."

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