You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 12

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well, i dont know about you but sometimes i feel like jumping in the story somehow and screaming at zayn and zoey and telling them to kiss already, im bored of waitingg ;D <3 Cazza xxx


2 weeks later

Zoey's P.O.V

well, ive gone back to school and somehow everyone knows about my hospital visit so naturally ive had all the possible questions, especially about zayn. it really annoys me when people ask me about mine and zayns relationship because its... its complicated really. i havent seen him alot during the past two weeks because whenever the girls all meet up with their guys they always invite me but i just make up an excuse not to go, i dont know why but i do so ive been seeing less and less of the girls, less and less of the boys and less and less of zayn.

i sighed as i closed my maths book, i looked at my phone, 11:55pm. i put my books on the floor and got into bed, i reached over and was about to turn off my lamp when my mum came in, she smiled at me and sat down on the bed next to me. she stroked my forehead

"you know hunny, if you like a boy alot then the main idea is get them before you lose them"

i sighed, i knew exactly who she was talking about. zayn.

"i dont like him"

she raised her eyebrow

"thats not how i see it"

"yeah well mum, your clearly seeing it wrong"

she shook her head

"so, you talking about him in your sleep doesnt hint anything?"

i blushed as i nodded slowly

"ok, well, that doesnt mean anything, i havent spoke to him for ages now"

"why not, you two were really close"

i nodded "yeah i know we were, but everytime one of them invites me out somewhere i just make up an excuse to come home and revise"

she laughed

"your not happy with that though are you?"

i thought for a moment before shaking my head

"no, i kinda miss him"

she leant over and kissed me on the forehead

"when you feel good, you'll do good"

i nodded and she turned off my lamp before walking out and closing the door.

The next morning i took a shower as usual, got into my school uniform and had breakfast. just as i was walking out the door i saw something that caught me by suprise, zayns car parked outside. he got out quickly and we ran to each other, instantly hugging. he put me down and i turned around to see my mum waving and closing the door, i smiled as he opened my door for me and we got in, he drove me to school and stopped outside the gate, in the car park.

"im picking you up then?"

i nodded and gave him a quick hug, i tryed to stop myself but found myself giving him a quick peck on the cheek. he blushed and i did too so i quickly got out and rushed over the girls, they were all talking about their boyfriends but we had to be careful because of all the fans. courtney has become one of my best mates now so she always hangs out with us at break and lunch which is good because i can trust her alot with different things.

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