You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 9

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sorry if this is short or terrible, <33 Cazza xxx


Zayn's P.O.V

i had to stop myself from literally throwing up at the sight of robbie practically groping zoey, her eyes gave away that she wasnt comfortable but robbie was too stupid to ever understand a girls feelings. she moved away finally and he followed her, he reached out for her waist but she pushed him off. i looked around to see that no-one was really paying them attention, i saw zoey keep trying to push him off but he kept going closer, i moved away from the girl i was dancing with to watch the scene closer.

robbie had pushed her up against the wall and was stroking her but she kept trying to get away but he wouldnt let her past, as she was moving about her eye caught me watching with anger rushing through me. she kneed him in his privates, he moved back and she quickly ran past him and straight into my arms, i wrapped them around her and robbie turned quickly, i could tell he was just as drunk as the girl in my arms. but he still came towards me, his fists clenched.

i looked about and saw liam walking over with courtney under his arm, i quickly pushed zoey into them, liam caught her, and went to robbie. his fist smashed into my face and i quickly retailated with a punch back. we were practically attacking each other, i was in alot of pain and im sure he as too but i wasnt about to give up yet. i was fighting for zoey. his mates soon came over and began to gang up on me but the next thing i knew niall, harry, louis and liam were right by my side. they smiled at me before the fight really got out of control, people watching were recording, shouting along, encouraging it.

 the only people that werent was the girls, kim, mollie, ellie, courtney and even zoey. i know she was drunk out of her head but she knew when the two men in her life where in a fight. she ran into the fight and before i could stop her robbie swung his arm, going for liam but ended up smashing into zoeys face, she spun right around and i pushed past everyone as i screamed her name. she was falling to the floor and i just managed to catch her, the girls had got buckets of water and chucked them over the boys, making them stop. all eyes were on me as i tryed to wake zoey up.

"come on zoey, wake up"

i felt myself cry as i tryed shaking her gently to get her to wake up, but she didnt. i slowly stood up carrying her bridal style. i turned to robbie, who was covered in blood and giving me a death glare

"get your hands off my girlfriend." he spat at me whilst walking forward slowly which only made me grip zoey tigher

"you dont have the right to call her that."

"i believe you'll find i do."

i shook my head and just as he was about to raise his fist my boys and the girls stepped in front of me and zoey, i was slightly shocked. they would all protect me and her, the boys wanted to protect me and the girls wanted to protect zoey and whats better is the boys also wanted to protect zoey and the girls also wanted to protect me.

they stood there glaring at robbie and his mates,

"i think you should leave now." courtney said, not showing any change in emotion, robbie glanced at all of us, i looked at the boys hands. clenched. everyone had their fists clenched, ready to defend us. robbie turned to his boys

"come on boys, we're leaving."

they all followed him out and no-one relaxed until we had heard the door close. they all turned to me questioningly and i shrugged

"what? i wasnt about to let her get raped"

they nodded slowly and liam turned to all the expectant faces

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