You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 4

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im sorry if this chapter disturbs you abit but i had to add it in and just a small warning there will be worser parts  :) <33


Zoey's P.O.V

robbie was angry. i could tell with the way his body was all tensed up as we sped around, i felt a tear roll down my cheek as i thought about what was coming next. he pulled up into a driveway that wasnt mine, it was his. i quickly got off and he followed, we took our helmets off and he grabbed my hand and began pulling my into his house, i had no choice but to follow him. he unlocked the door and we both walked in. he took my helmet and put both of them down on the sofa then turned to face me

"can i ask you something?"

i nodded slowly and he continued

"what were you two doing?"

i slowly looked up, his face was red with anger.

"it wasnt what it looked like, i promise"

"then what was it?"

he began shouting and moving closer, i moved back as he continued to shout and moan, eventually i fell backwards into the chair. i looked up to see him towering over me, as usual, he leant closer and put his hands either side of my head so i was trapped. i looked into his dark eyes as i felt him getting closer. when we were millimetres apart he spoke

"dont do it again."

i was about to reply when he cut me off with a deep, passionate kiss. i felt his tongue slide along my lip, i granted him access and i soon found out tongues gliding along together, the next thing i knew i felt two hands rub against the side of my legs. robbies hands were edging closer to my area with every stroke, i shivered as his hands began rubbing the parts of my legs. i am still a virgin and i dont want to lose it like this, i mean im not even 16 yet! i felt his fingers slowly trail along my pant line. he slowly began to slide his fingers into my leggings when i quickly pulled away and gently pushed him off me. I thought he was ok about it until his smile turned into a frown and he went red with anger again

"god, what is wrong with you?"


"are you mad or something?"

"no i-"

"look, this has got to stop"

"well i-"

"dont you want to do this with me?"

"well, yes but-"

"no buts, your my girlfriend so you do what i tell you, when i tell you"

i sighed and gave up arguing, i slowly nodded

"good, so i want you to promise me you wont ever talk to that idiot again"

i didnt know what to say, i didnt want to say anything to be honest. my thoughts were cut off when i felt a hand smash across my face, i grabbed it in protection and slowly looked up at robbie, whilst trying to hold back tears.

"PROMISE IT NOW!" he shouted

i didnt want any more hassle so i nodded and he nodded back

"good girl"

he went to the door but turned back to face me

"i need to get something but be ready cause when i come back im going to make you wetter than it is outside"

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