You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 15

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Zoey's P.O.V

i walked into the assembly hall with Emily, we had an science exam today and we were trying not to laugh as we walked in and found our seats. i sat down and looked around to see who was near me. emily in front, david sat to my right , he nodded and i smiled back awkwardly and looked to my right to see dave sit down, he smiled weakly and i smiled back. then turned around, jack sat down and i sighed. if they were going to give me his mates why didnt they just give me him as well, thank god emily was in front of me.

i began looking around for robbie and saw him come in, to my suprise(and everyone elses) he was limping! actually limping! he was trying to hide it but you could see that he wasnt doing a good job, i looked at dave next to me, his fists were clenched tight. he caught me looking and tryed to relax but couldnt, he reached out for his paper that had his name on. he turned it over and wrote something on it. he folded it up and made sure no teachers were watching before pushing it on the floor.

he nodded to it and i looked around, there were a few teachers around but just to make sure i pushed a pencil off my desk, i reached down and picked up my pencil and the note. everyone else had begun the exam but i opened the note dave had handed me


he hit my sister. im sorry for what i did. he told me to. i now know hes an idiot.

Dave xx

ps. youve got a hard punch :)


i smiled and folded it back up and slid it into my pocket, i turned to dave, he smiled weakly and i smiled back. turning back to my paper i realised that i was more confused than ever, i wasnt sure whether he was being truthful or not, whether this was a way to get to me or whether robbie did try it on with his sister. i wouldnt be suprised if he did.

The exam time dragged on but when dave and me had both finished we began making funny faces at each other and trying not to get caught or laugh. The bell went and the teacher sent us all out row at a time, when i was outside i decided to wait, dave came out and was about to walk off with david and jack when i pulled him to the side, he smiled

"hey, whats up?"

i had to pinch myself to believe this, he laughed

"its ok, i wasnt happy with him"

i laughed "i noticied, it seems im not the only strong one"

he laughed "yeah, your boys are pretty tough i must admit"

we both laughed and i nodded "yeah they are"

we both began walking down the stairs and outside, everyone was looking at us confused, probably because dave and robbie were supposed to be best friends, so it must have been a shock to see me and dave chatting and having a laugh together. we ended up walking to his bike(all the boys in their old group had motorbikes) david and jack came over and began mucking about, david pulled out a spare helmet and handed it to, i took it confused

"whats this for?"

he stared at me blankly "arent you riding with dave?"

dave turned to him "nah, we were just talking, i told her about robbie"

they all nodded and david put his hands up in surrender "sorry"

him and jack put their helmets on and climbed on their bikes before speeding off down the road. i turned to dave and offered him the helmet

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