You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 5

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Zoey's P.O.V

i opened my eyes to the sound of laughter. i know i had fainted but the last thing i remember is leaning against zayn's shoulder and he was knocking on the door. i slowly looked around to see where i wsa, 5 heads were leaning up against the sofa. i smiled as i felt the softness of the duvet warm my bare skin. i froze, bare skin. i took a small peek under the duvet but quickly looked away again. the boys must have seen them, there was no way that they could have taken my clothes off without seeing them. wait... they took my clothes of? i wasnt sure what to do until their programme finished and the credits came up,

liam stood up, turned the tv off and looked at me. it was like he had frozen, he even ignored louis and niall complaining about turning the TV off.he couldnt do anything but raise a finger, so he was pointing at me. the others slowly turned around and smiled weakly. i raised my shoulders and eyebrows

"am i going to get an explanation of why im wearing my underwear, where my clothes are and who said you could undress me?"

they all stood in silence. guessed not.

"well?" yet again i was met with silence, so i sighed

"well can i at least get the time?"

harry pulled out his phone to check


10:30pm!! i shot up allowing the duvet to fall to the floor, i ran to the lounge door but to my suprise they didnt follow. i turned slowly, their mouths were touching the floor even harry had dropped his phone, the remote slipped out of niall's hand as they continued to stare. I was getting confused and slightly freaked out until i realised that they werent exactly looking at my face. i looked down to see i was in my underwear, i kinda forgot about that when i jumped up. i liked my body the way it was, i had fairly normal sized boobs, i always toned and worked my body but no matter what i did nothing could hide them. the bruises. the hurt. the pain. i looked at their blank faces, i couldnt really tell what they were thinking but i had a fairly good idea. sighing, i walked over to zayn and harry, well more liked walked through the middle but i couldnt help but feel happier when i felt sparks as i brushed past zayn. i shivered as i turned and faced them.

"where are my clothes?"

liam, louis, harry and niall all pointed at zayn, who was in the middle. i walked up to him slowly until we were really close.

"zayn, where are my clothes?"

he stuttered as he tryed to speak words that made sense. as he did he couldnt help but look down so i lifted his head up

"my face is up here, now where are my clothes?"

"well... erm, theyre, um... drying"

i nodded slowly

"so i just have to sit around in this until theyre dry then?"

"well your not in much to be honest" harry piped up, i turned to him

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