You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 10

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so courtney has only just realised shes in the story XD even though she has been for two chapters now :) but yeaa just a quickiee but if anyone wants to be a small add in/extra for a chapter or two just let me know and ill try and put you in wherever i can :) although any person i add in now will probably only be in it for a chapter or two whereas ive decided to keep courtney in for the whole story :) <3 Cazza xxx


Zoey's P.O.V

i opened my eyes and instantly looked to my hand to see if zayn was there, he wasnt and i looked around to see i was still in hospital and i was alone. i felt my heart sink and i began to cry, i dont know why i did although im guessing its because i wanted to wake up with zayn here. i couldnt control the tears flowing down, i was mumbling zayns name and the next thing i knew someone was leaning over me cradling my face in their hands. i couldnt see properly because my eyesight had gone blurry but i recognised the softness of the hands and the voice. it was zayn.

"hey, calm down, im here, sshhh"

i slowly managed to stop and he wiped my face with his sleeve, he still held my face and was leaning over me, trying to calm me down. i looked into his eyes and found myself more and more relaxed. he smiled when i stopped crying

"see? there was no need to cry, im here, i promise"

i smiled "good"

"so why were you crying?"

i thought about whether i should tell him that its because i thought i couldnt live with out him but i wasnt sure how he would react.

"dunno, guess im finally catching up with everything"

"you remember what happened?"

i shook my head "no, but will you tell me please?"

he pulled away and sat down on the chair and put his head on the bed, i began slowly stroking his hair and he looked up at me

"please zayn, i have to know and i dont want anyone but you to tell me"

he sighed "fine, just promise me that once i tell you, you'll dump robbie... for good"

i held back but looked at him

"is it that bad?"

he nodded slowly, then i realised. his lip. i gasped as i slowly ran my finger over it, i hadnt noticied yesterday because i was just so tired but... i couldnt hide my anger

"he hit you!"

he tryed calming me down by putting his hands on my face and staring at me

"im fine, so are the other just listen"

i was about to argue but i couldnt bring up the energy so i just nodded slowly. he sat back but held my hand as he began to explain.

Courtney's P.O.V

me and liam got together at my party which i was so happy about, seeing him just makes me smile. even if its a picture. everyone but zayn was in the waiting room, zayn was with zoey and he didnt want to leave her which was just so sweet. i sighed heavily and leant against liams shoulder, his head rested gently on mine and i looked around at the others.

Louis and harry were at the vending machine, kim, mollie and ellie were pacing(quite furiously) worrying about zoey and niall was sitting on his phone. i had actually had enough of this waiting around so i jumped up and went over to the reception desk.

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