You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 3

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Zayn's P.O.V

we had finally got rid of all the fans but harry had disappeared. I looked around until i saw a curly head. I laughed as i walked over to him, he was talking to a girl but she had her back to me so i decided to annoy him

"harry, stop chatting her up and behave for once"

she turned and her mouth hit the floor, yet again so did mine, she was absolutely stunning! harry walked up to me and whispered in my ear

"you saw her first"

i looked from harry to her then back to harry, he winked

"have fun"

he tapped me a few times on the shoulder and walked off. I turned back to the girl that just stood there smiling. I knew it was her, zoey tyler. The girl on youtube and twitter, i offered my hand

"im zayn"

she shook it "i know who you are"

"so do i"

she pulled back, ok maybe that sounded slighlty stalker-ish. I decided to climb out of my deep hole

"your youtube coners are great"

her smile reached her ears, i found myself focusing on her right cheek, where i was pretty sure a small dimple was forming. I smiled and leant against the shelf only to figure out it was on wheels. It went flying across the shop and i stumbled over, being so close to falling over. The shelf crashed into another one and a couple of staff looked at me, i quickly raised both hands. They muttered something under their breath and went over to clean up the mess. I smiled as i lowered my hands and turned around to see zoey in hysterics. I know i was being forward but i just couldnt hide it any longer, i walked over to her and stroked her face. She looked up at me with her longing, blie eyes. Just as i was leaning in she put her finger on my lips. I pulled back and tryed not to blush

"i cant, i wish i could but i cant"

she looked like she was about to cry so i pulled her into a strong hug and she began softly crying into my black loose top.

"hey baby, its ok, please dont ruin my top"

she looked up at me with tear stained eyes

"whats wrong baby?"

she hesitated before answering me

"i... i... i have... i cant"

i nodded, understanding where she was coming from. we stood in silence, for a few minutes until she looked up at me.

"well, i best get going, my friends will probably be looking for me"

i nodded and picked up the blue hoodie she had been looking at

"was this the one you wanted?" she nodded

"yes, but i dont have the money"

i shook my head and walked over to the counter

"i do"

she shook her head and ran after me, trying to get the hoodie, i reached my arms forward and put the jumper on the counter

"ignore her and use this"

i chucked the guy my card, he nodded and began to scan it. zoey ended up jumping on my back as she tryed to stop the man from scanning it. I grabbed hold of her legs so she couldnt get down. when he had bagged it i let zoey go, grabbed the bag and began to walk out. she followed and grabbed onto my arm, we walked over and sat down on the bench and i pulled the jumper out and gave it to her, she took it slowly then suddenly jumped up and tryed to run back into the shop but i grabbed her waist and pulled her back, she fell onto my lap and we were both laughing and tumbling about until we heard a deep, strong and fairly angry voice.

"what do you think your doing?"

zoey immediately let go of me and jumped up and ran to him, trying to stop him from getting to me

"no, robbie, just leave him, it wasnt what it looked like, i swear"

he was still angry when niall, liam, louis and harry walked out. they took one look at zoey trying to calm down the guy, who was still giving me the death glare, and walked over to me and stood around. i knew they would protect me but i didnt want them getting hurt. we outnumbered them, at least until 3 other girls ran around the corner, took one look at the 5 of us and screamed. Luckily they were right next to the guy called robbie so he let go of zoey to cover his ears, zoey fell back but recovered herself. when the girls stopped screaming they went to zoey and began whispering in her ear she whispered back and they came over to us wanting different things. Very slyly i looked past them to see zoey and robbie in some kind of arguement. it clearly wasnt shy enough as one of her friends looked at me

"its ok, they always have arguements like these"

i nodded and she continued

"why? do you like her?"

i was about to say no, even though i did when the girl tapped her friends

"zayn likes zoey"

the other girls face's formed a worried expression whilst the boys began teasing me, the girls slapped them and they all looked shocked so the ginger, curly haired girl spoke up

"well firstly im kim, this is mollie and ellie and secondly if robbie ever found out then hed kill you"

mollie piped up "probably quite literally too"

i gulped as i looked over at  him again, he towered over zoey as they continued to argue.

"so, who is robbie to zoey then?"

they all exchanged glances but before they could say anything zoey walked over, robbie had his arm over her shoulder. i looked at mollie confused, she gave a small nod, this set it in stone. robbie was zoey's...

"zayn, boys, this is my... my boyfriend robbie"

i felt my heart sink, thats why she regected my kiss. we all nodded at him and zoey introduced the others

"and these are his mates jack, dave and david"

we nodded at them and they nodded back, robbie pulled zoey closer into him

" well, it was nice to meet you but zoey and me are on a tight schedule"

he squeezed her and she nodded, for some reason i guess that she doesnt have a lot of choice in their relationship. i nodded and he pulled zoey away, his boys followed and the girls soon ran after, mouthing the words 'sorry'. i bent down and held the blue jumper that zoey had dropped when she was stopping robbie from gettting to me. i quickly stood up(still holding the jumper) and turned to louis

"gimme that book and a pen you brought earlier"

we had brought a new songbook and a packet of pens because they just get lost in our house. he quickly handed me a sheet of paper and a pen and i leant against harry to jot something down. i folded up the paper and put it in the hodd and ran after zoey.

"zoey! zoey!"

i shouted as i caught sight of her about to climb ono a bike. she smiled as i ran over to her and handed her the folded up hoodie. she looked confused so i winked at her

"its the no pocketed hoodie you brought earlier"

she smiled as she took it "oh yeah, thanks"

i nodded and she got on, even though he had a helmet on i could tell that robbie was giving me an evil look. I ignored it and watched as he rode off carrying very precious cargo, i walked back to where the boys were sitting, i sat down and they all turned to me for an explanation but the only problem is that zoey is too pretty for an explantion.


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