You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 16

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Zoey's P.O.V

i stood there shocked, robbie wanted to change. i wanted to turn and run away right there and then but i knew i had to stay, for courtney, for robbie and for dave.

"you... you want to change what?" i stuttered

he turned to me

"isnt it obvious princess?" he said, i could tell he was still angry but was trying to soften up for me, i looked down at the ground and sighed. i turned to courtney

"can i go home now?"

she nodded and i turned and walked, she was walking with me but dave ran up behind me

"i could take you home if you want?"

i thought for a moment, looked at courtney, she shrugged and carried on walking, i turned to dave

"get robbie to drop courtney off home too"

he nodded and ran off to robbie and i ran up to courtney

"robbie can take you home, we can go to the boys"

she sighed but nodded and we began walking back to the others

"fine, but dont blame me if liam and zayn and the others go off their nut"

i nodded and dave and robbie handed us the spare helmets before walking to where the bikes were parked. i got on behind dave and he zoomed off. i could see robbies bike following closely behind and i thought that maybe robbie was serious about changing.

We soon pulled up outside the boys house and got off, zayn and liam rushed out, closely followed by the other girls and boys. liam instantly pulled courtney away from robbie and stood in front of her, zayn grabbed me out of daves hold and pulled me close to his body whilst the other boys were shouting at dave and robbie and telling them to never touch us again, me and courtney pushed our ways through and stood in front of the boys, everyone looked at us confused

"they were just dropping us off, we're fine" courtney said, liam reached out for her but she pulled back

"robbie wants to change and dave just..." she looked from me to zayn then back at the others

"dave... dave just dropped off zoey"

i nodded at her and she turned back to liam

"seriously, im fine, robbie really does want to change" liam looked from robbie to courtney then back to robbie, he took courtneys hand and pulled her close to him, still glaring at robbie he spoke

"dont go near her again."

courtney sighed and stormed off indoors. the girls and boys followed leaving me, dave, robbie, liam and zayn. i stood in front of robbie and dave and liam and zayn were glaring at them

"look after her" i turned to robbie, what the hell was he on about?

i felt someone pull me back, it was zayn and he pulled me into him

"leave her alone."

i pulled away from zayn and went to robbie

"what do you mean?"

robbie looked down at me and forced a smile

"i can see he likes you and that he'll treat you better than anyone could and i know he doesnt want you to speak to me ever again so im telling him to look after you, is there a problem with that?"

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