You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 8

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like i said in my message and status i had to go away for a bit to sort a few things out but thank you to everyone thats still supporting me, especially through this hard time for me, but through the books as well and thanks for waiting so heres the chapter i promised you, not sure if its good or not but thats for you lot to decide :) <3 Cazza xxx


Zoey's P.O.V

i slowly rolled over on my back, coming to terms with where i was. i opened my eyes to see i was in my bed, i shot up. i swear this wasnt where i remember sleeping, the last thing i remember was playing with zayn on the dance mats(i won though) then flopping on the sofa together, then my dad and mum playing about with them then we all relaxed and began watching a film. i remember having zayns smiling face being the last thing i saw.

i sighed as i pulled myself out of bed, it was a friday and i couldnt be bothered to go into school. i picked up my school uniform and slowly walked out my door, still half asleep, only to bump into... zayn!! i quickly pulled back, i looked a mess and here was a guy that also looked a mess. i looked at him confused

"what... what are you doing here?"

"your sister"

i laughed "no need to carry on"

he laughed and sighed, rubbing his eyes. looks like i wasnt the only one that wanted more sleep. i slowly tapped him on the back

"well have fun"

he fake laughed

"oh ha ha ha, arent you funny?"

i turned as i began walking towards the bathroom, still laughing

"why yes i am"

he couldnt hide a laugh as i walked into the bathroom, closed and locked the door. i put my clothes on the toilet and turned the shower on, i took my pajamas off and got in, i let the warm water run down me as i thought about many different things, as i began to wash my hair i got really bored in a strange way so i began singing to myself.

What you've got boy is hard to find

Think about it all about it all the time

I'm all strung up my heart is fried

I just cant get you off my mind

Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug

Your love your love your love

I said your love, your love, your love, is my drug

Your love your love your love

i began singing to kesha - your love is my drug and trying to dance around. i got out and got changed, i dryed my hair and put it up in a high ponytail, i tryed bringing my fringe over my black eye but it didnt work so i just let it hang, a few people had asked about it yesterday but i just said i headnbutted my sister and when my parents asked i just said that i headbutted someone at school. only zayn, the boys and the girls knew the truth, along with robbie and his mates. i opened the door and turned to walk back to my room, only to nearly trip over zayn!

he quickly jumped up and stared at me,

"do you want me to knock you out or something?" he laughed but shook his head

"no, i was waiting for you"

i felt myself blush, he laughed and i slapped him gently. i walked past him and put my stuff in my room, i grabbed my bag and turned to him, he smiled and i smiled back before walking over to him. he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a hug, i hugged him back but didnt let go fast enough. he picked me up, i instantly screamed and wrapped my legs around his waist, he laughed as he held onto my legs tighter so i wouldnt fall.

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