You Are So Beautiful To Me

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Ok, so here goes with a 4th story :) let me know what you think <33 Cazza <33 ps, this beginning is a thank you for everything you lot have done for me, i had a brilliant birthday :) and the hospital trip went fine although i have to go back soon though so thank you :) <33 xx


Zoey's P.O.V

ok, so you've decided to read this because you think it will be interesting, but its not. And do you know why? because its my life. Yeah, i suppose different things happen theat make it a bit interesting but overall i have a proper boring life. I live in an average house with an average family. I have my mum(Isabelle, but we all call her Izzie), my dad(harry) and my baby sister(Kate) although when i say baby sister i usually mean little sister because shes a 6 year old terror. Now, if you add 9 years on to my sisters age you get my age. Yep, im 15 going on 16, and i swear its the most boring age to ever live through.

Although i cant complain all the time because i have my 3 best friends to help me through the hard times. Ellie Smith, Mollie Stirling and Kim Roberts are the best friends anyone could ever wish for, I spend practically all of my time with them, unless im with my gorgeous, hunky boyfriend Robbie Gibbs. We've been together for just over a year now and although we've had a couple of arguements, where he gets a bit too angry, im still head over heels in love with him. He has dark black hair that he always spikes up and he has dark brown eyes which anyone could easily lose themselves in. He's one of the popular boys at our school and many girls would kill to be in my postition, What i dont get is why he would want to date me? because i know im nothing special, just your normal blonde haired, blue eyed girl.

I'm usually a very open person but theres something that no-one knows. You might think im wierd but i sing, yeah i sing and i like it. I usually record myself using my dads camcorder, then upload it to youtube. Ive had a few harsh comments but they always get outruled by the lovely ones. Im hoping that no-one at school has seen any of them but judging by the fact that no-one has said or done anything im guessin they havent seen them.I sighed as i waited for my latest video, a cover of Nicki Minaj - Super Bass, to finish uploading. I had sung it, recorded it, edited it and now i was uploading it. I leant back in my computer chair and began to slowly spin as i waited for it to finish. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and i knew it would be robbie

Robbie - do you want me to walk u 2 school tomoz?? <3 <3 xxxxxx

Zoey - y arent you goin 2 school then?? <3 <3 xxxxxx

Robbie - exclusion :/ <3 <3 xxxxxx

i sighed and chucked my phone on my bed, that guy can be a real idiot sometimes. I looked over to see it vibrating with a call, i knew it was him so i just ignored it and finished sorting out my video. When i had done everything that i needed to i walked over and flopped on my bed and pulled out my phone. 3 missed calls and 1 new message. i ignored the calls and opened the message.

Robbie - bbe, answer ur phone please, im gettin worriedd <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxx

i sighed, at least he wasnt angry. although i knew he would end up getting angry and i didnt want that so i decided to make up an excuse

Zoey - bby, im tired so im gunnu go 2 bed, c u tomorrow <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxx

i waited til it had sent then put my phone on the side, just as i did it vibrated again

Robbie - ok night beautiful, sweet dreams <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxx

i let it fall onto the floor and lay flat on my back. I sighed as i closed my eyes and felt myself slowly go to sleep.

Harry's P.O.V

I jumped up as louis ripped the blanket off me, i had fallen asleep on the sofa last night watching a film. I sighed as i got up and walked into the kitchen, where louis had ran off to after waking me up. I sat down at the table and louis chucked me a slice of toast. i finished my breakfast and headed upstairs and into our study. We all lived together as it would be easier and just because we wanted to. Zayn was in there already, he was watching a video of someone singing, i leant over his shoulder as i watcherd the person sing a beautiful cover of Christina Perri - Jar Of Hearts, i smiled as the video continued, shes really good..... looking.

"who is she?" i asked

zayn looked at me then back at the screen

"im not sure, but are you thinking what im thinking?"

"if its that shes quite fit then yes"

he nodded and we both started laughing. When the song finished and the black screen appeared. I stole the mouse and clicked on her profile. Luckily her twitter account was connected, i pulled out my blackberry and started up twitter. I looked at her name then typed it in the search bar. A few seconds later there was a long list of people with the name Zoey Tyler. I recognised her in the seconds and clicked on her profile. I showed zayn her picture, which was our girl, with blonde hair and blue eyes, sitting on a brick wall in the middle of a guy with black spiked up hair and a girl with a brown bob.

"do you think we should follow her?"

zayn shook his head "not without a reason"

i sighed but began to look through her past tweets. Overall she sounded like a funny girl, she mentioned a guy named robbie quite a bit which was a downer but she mostly mentioned different girls. I looked through the people that she followed. i smiled as i saw 6 familiar accounts. OneDirection, Louis_Tomlinson, Harry_Styles, Real_Liam_Payne, NiallOfficial and zaynmalik. I laughed as i showed him, he laughed too

"she has taste"

i nodded in agreement as he refreshed his twitter home page, i really wanted to follow her but then everyone would go crazy, i sighed as i refreshed my mentions. Obviously there were loads but there was one that just caught me by suprise. Zoeyy_Tyler_babyy. i smiled as i clicked on it so i could read it properly. "ok, so my best mate bet me a tener that i couldnt get a tweet from @Harry_Styles, so here goes.. Tweet me Harry!!! xx "

i laughed as i clicked reply "haha, can we split it half/half?? ;) xx"

zayn looked at me wierdly "whats funny?"

i showed him her tweet and he just laughed

"bless her, did you reply?"

i nodded "yeah, that should kickstart everything right?"

he nodded but then quickly shook his head

"but i did see her first"

"so? i tweeted her first"

"but seeing her first always wins"

"not in this case"

he huffed out of the room and i sat down on the chair and opened up a new tab on the internet. After opening twitter on that and shutting down my phone i began to explore her tweets alot more, its kinda scary but i feel like a right stalker. I soon realised that she miust be like best mates with the three girls 'EllieSmithlarr', 'MissyMollieS' and 'KimmyRobo' i clicked on their profiles and had a look through their tweets and pictures. It seems that they have all tweeted our accounts but we havent noticed although niall replyed once to the one called Mollie, i dont know her surname but im guessing it began with S. I decided to reply to the most recent one of the three which was KimmyRobo, i read her tweet aloud.

 "ok, so zoey's fave member from @onedirection is @zaynmalik, she must be blind if she cant see that @niallofficial is the cutest xx"

i sighed heavily as i realised that zayn seeing her on youtube was fate. I changed my mind about replying to that one, i sighed again as i closed down twitter and shut the computer down.

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