You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 17

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  • Dedicated to zoey :) happy birthdayy bubbaa xxx

ok, im really really really sorry ive been off lately and havent uploaded but please forgive me because my life has been extremely packed lately and ive not even had a few minutes spare to come online and type something so i hope this chapter makes up for it and you can forgive me :) <3 Cazza xxx ps, im trying to finish this story before i go back to school and just warning you but when im at school because its my last year and im doing my exams and gcses i will be on here less and less because i need to revise but i will be on every now and again and i will make a new story but it might be longer for you all to get the parts as i'll have alot of work to do :) <3 pps, id just like to make a quick SHOUTOUT(louis tomlinson style) to one of my best friends zoey XD so yeahh happy birthdayy sugarr and i love you lots <3 xxx ppps, before any of you ask yes, this story's zoey is based on my best bubba zoey ;D as she loves the zaynster <3 xxx


Zoey's P.O.V

i walked over to my table and tasnim went to her brother, i turned to the girls as i had no clue what was going on. they gestured to the stage where the headmaster walked on and turned to all of us

"now, like i said before you have all worked really hard and id like to give you all a special treat, so ladies and gentlemen give a very warm welcome to... ONE DIRECTION!"

everyone screamed but i stood there frozen to the spot, the lits appeared on the boys and they laughed between them about the screams,i turned to the girls and they all shrugged but smiled and clapped along. i turned to the stage and zayn was staring at me, he winked and i felt my cheeks go dark but was interupted by courtney tapping me on the shoulder

"did zayn say anything about this to you?"

i shook my head "no, i thought they arranged it with you?"

she shook her head "no, they didnt tell the others either"

we both laughed and turned to the boys. they were prancing about to 'Kids in America' we all held hands and began dancing along with everyone else. they sang loads of their X Factor songs like 'Torn', 'My life would suck without you', 'shes the one' and all the others, all of the girls in our year were blowing kisses to the boys, they returned them obviously but payed much more attention to their real girls in the short dresses.

They had just finished 'Viva la Vida' and everyone was clapping, the boys all looked at each other questioningly then nodded and turned to us. louis held up his microphone


everyone shouted back at him and he just laughed before continuing,

"now, as you all know we have just sang all of our X Factor songs except one" he winked at kim before continueing

"the next and last song we want to sing we want to give it a little dedication so can i have my two special girls kim and abi up here with me please?"

the spotlights moved onto us and we egged kim and abi forward, they walked up on stage and louis gave them both a hug before resting his arm on either of their shoulders. harry held up his microphone and spoke

"ellie wellie, get your lovely bum up here now"

she blushed deep red and people laughed as she walked up and hugged harry.

"mollie, care to join me on stage?"

she nodded at niall and went up and joined him

"now i refuse to sing anything until courtney is up on stage with me"

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