You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 13

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Zayn's P.O.V

i knew zoey wasnt happy but i was determined to do this for her, i walked up to her door, i took a deep breath before knocking. i waited a few seconds before kate answered, i bent down and she hugged me, i hugged her back and she pulled away, she was about to scream for her parents but i sshh'd her

"sshh, is zoey here?"

she shook her head

"where is she?"

she shrugged "probably at mollies, theyre revising"

i nodded slowly but kate pulled me inside

"why do you want to see her?"

"i didnt, i want to see her room"

she looked at me confused but i shook it off

"has she brought her prom dress yet?"

kate shook her head "no, she doesnt have enough money for the one she wants but she'll find another one, why?"

i bent down to her level "tell me what one she wants please"

she looked at me confused but pulled me upstairs and into zoeys room. i looked about whilst kate pulled up zoeys laptop, every picture that used to have robbie in had gone, or well part of it was still there. she had ripped robbie out and kept the part of her, she was truely heartbroken. kate called me over to her bed, i went and sat down and stared at the password block.

"shes got a password"

kate nodded but winked

"but i know her password"

i laughed "how?"

"its your name stupid"

i was shocked but after kate typed in my name and the laptop unlocked i believed her, the dress stood out and my heart melted as i imagined her wearing it, i saw it was from Tiffanys and i quickly gave kate a kiss on the forehead and rushed downstairs, her mum walked out and was a bit suprised

"oh zayn, i wasnt expecting you... zoeys over mollies"

i nodded "i know, kate was just showing me something"

she laughed "why am i not suprised?"

"can you not buy her a prom dress?"

her mum looked confused "why?"

i looked down at the floor, slightly embarresed. her mum laughed and smiled, nodding.

"course i wont"

i smiled and nodded at her before leaving and getting in my car and speeding off to Tiffanys.

Zoey's P.O.V

i had spent a few hours over mollies revising and we were going back to mine for dinner. we went up to my room and kate came in

"guess who came over earlier?"

she was jumping about everywhere and me and mollie just looked at her wierdly

"i dont know, tell me?"

she laughed and just as she was about to say my mum shouted up from downstairs

"zoey, theres a parcel for you"

i looked at mollie confused and we both went downstairs, true to mums word there was a box wrapped in brown paper on the table, i slowly walked up to it and mollie stood beside me

"open it" i nodded at her and reached out for it slowly, i ripped off the brown paper to reveal a white box with the word Tiffany on it, i gasped as i opened the box to see the purple dress i wanted, there was another small box and an envelope with my name on. i looked at my mum and she smiled, i turned to mollie and she picked up the envelope and handed it to me

"open it"

i took it off her and slowly opened it and began to read it.



im sorry for any upset ive ever caused you so i hopes this makes up for it and dont forget the other small box, i know you'll look amazing and i wish i could see you in it but work calls.

yours forever




i sighed as i lowered it gently but handed it to mollie, she read it and put her arm around me

"are you going to open the other box?"

i nodded and unwrapped it, it was a small box and when i opened it i saw a purple half-heart necklace. it was made out of gold with purple gems and it seriously took my breath away. i smiled slowly and mollie sighed

"you have to wear them, both the necklace and dress"

i nodded slowly

"zayns mine"

she nodded

"well he did sorta say 'yours forever'"

i nodded and took the necklace out, i handed it to mollie and she clicked it around my neck and i tucked it under my top. i could feel the coldness of it touch where my heart was and from that moment i knew that zayn was mine and i was his.

Zayn's P.O.V

i had brought her the dress and a necklace to go with it, i had dropped it off and went straight to the studio. me and the boys got straight down to work, rushing around to meetings, recording songs for our new album, writing, doing everything we should do.

i sighed as i got in my car at 4:40am, we had been working all night and i was shattered, i drove home and went straight upstairs to bed. i took my top off, then my trousers and slid into bed, i leant my head on my pillow and stared at the empty space next to me, i closed my eyes and thought of zoey. i slowly reached my hand up to my neck and held tight to a half-heart purple and gold necklace.


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