You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 18

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1 Week Later

Zoey's P.O.V

ok, so mine and zayns relationship has gone public and im getting alot more followers on twitter now. most of their fans love me and say that me and zayn are the cutest couple theyve ever seen and that they even offer their sympathy about my past, which has also gone public. speaking of my past no-ones seen robbie since prom night and i hope it stays that way.

i rolled over and saw zayn smiling down at me, i had stayed round his and we had watched dvds all night until we fell asleep. i smiled back at him and he kissed me gently on the head

"good morning beautiful"

i giggled(yes, i still giggle like a fangirl) and smiled, i love it when he calls me that and he knows i do.

"your collecting your results today"

i shook myself out of my little daydream and nodded at him, we were still lying in his bed and i was just fiddling with his necklace.

"want me to take you?"

i nodded slowly at him and gave him a kiss before getting up, we both got out and i went for a shower. i wrapped the towel around me and was walking back into his room when i walked straight into harry, he was in just his boxers and i laughed

"hazza, do you ever wear any clothes?"

he laughed "says you"

i was about to argue but closed my mouth, we both laughed and he pointed to my towel

"you best put something else on before going in and seeing zayn"

i looked at him confused "what do you mean?"

he laughed "just go in and see"

i smiled and walked in, zayn had gotten changed into his green one-piece, i laughed and he turned to me, his mouth his the floor when he saw me in the towel. i laughed and strutted over to him, i wrapped my hands around his neck and trailed my hand across his face to his mouth, i closed it and he laughed, shaking himself awake. i turned and walked over to his wardrobe, i heard him crash on his bed whilst i began looking through his clothes. i knew his bed was right behind me and i could easily guess at what he was looking at.

i smiled to myself as i pulled out his grey polo shirt and brown chinos. i reached over to my bag and got my underwear, i was sitting on the bed and zayn had hold of the towel. i reached over and kissed him

"close your eyes gorgeous"

he shook his head "dont want to"

i laughed and kissed him again "fine, i'll go and get changed somwhere else"

he shook his head and pulled me closer and kissing me, he pulled me closer and began to deepen the kiss so he pushed me over so he was lying on top of me and i had one of my legs wrapped around him. he smiled at me


i smiled and kissed him

"i might do"

he kissed me again and i ran my fingers up and down his back, we pulled apart and he got off the bed and turned around so i could get changed. i slipped everything on as quickly as possible and walked up behind zayn. i wrapped my arms around his waist and he stroked my arms, i smiled and kissed his back before letting him go and heading to the door. i felt his fingers interwine with mine as we walked out and headed to his car, we got in and he drove off.

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