Shitty art and Experimenting by _-Midoriya--Izuku-_
Shitty art and Experimentingby 🗑
Random book which is filled with year 9 to year 11 art work and my GCSE course sooo eehhh- I live in England so I dont fucking about the grade in like 7/8/9 blah bah bla...
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GCSE Revision by xXanastazieleeXx
GCSE Revisionby Anastázie
Feel free to look through if it helps you :) Hi! I did my GCSE exams in summer 2018 (and now they're over and I think they went quite well and I'm the happiest person al...
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Short stories - English GCSE by Ali647
Short stories - English GCSEby Alice
I'm going to upload here any short stories that I have to write for my English GCSE, because why not?! I loved writing them and I might as well share them - it would be...
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My GCSE Art (Grade A*, dropped 2 marks over the course) by daydreamingyouth
My GCSE Art (Grade A*, dropped 2 m...by Molly❤️
Just some pictures of my work :)
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Biology GCSE Revision by Moon_Tiger395
Biology GCSE Revisionby Isha_Rashid395
These are some GCSE Biology revision notes. It will take a while to finish but I hope it helps. 😊 Here is the link to a quizlet for this book. https://quizlet.com/_4yw7...
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An Inspector Calls but it's in Chav Language by grueyvuitton
An Inspector Calls but it's in Cha...by grueyvuitton
finna be offensive and cringey - basically, don't read . my grammarly is gonna kill me.
  • parody
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English GCSE AQA: Comprehensive Analysis of the Power and Conflict Poems by shadytoffee
English GCSE AQA: Comprehensive An...by shadytoffee
I decided to make a book on all the Power and Conflict poems for the English GCSE exams. NOTE: This book's analyses are very long and wordy due to much information from...
  • theemigree
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Physics by Revise_You_Donk
Physicsby Revise_You_Donk
Unit 1: Energy Unit 2: Electricity Unit 3: Particle Model of Matter Unit 4: Atomic Structure Unit 5: Forces Unit 6: Waves Unit 7: Electromagnetism Unit 8: Space
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Together Forever [Love Live! Maki Nishikino Fanfiction] by DialgaLAD
Together Forever [Love Live! Maki...by DialgaLAD
The story follows Angus Davies, a teenager from London City. He just finished his GCSEs and the time has come for him to move to Japan with his parents. He doesn't know...
  • highschool
  • love
  • japan-based
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The Way Things Are by luurrvveebangtan
The Way Things Areby bangtan_cheesepuff
A collection of short stories and poems If you need a good cry, then this should do it :) WARNING! if you don't like sad stories or depressing things then i would sugges...
  • sadstory
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English Stories - Creative Writing by HeyHiYoEmily
English Stories - Creative Writingby Emily Hackett
All of my English mocks and practise tests are written down here. Chapter 1 - 21st September Chapter 2 - 12th October Chapter 3 - 13th October Chapter 4 - 14th October...
  • language
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Mr Sadistic  by Jung_Hoseok_oppa
Mr Sadistic by _bad_vibes_
Two girls one man....Both 14 In love with there teacher A sadistic teacher currently single but not for long . May contain: Smut Fluff Teacher kink Cringe (high)
  • mafia
  • physco
  • daddysgirl
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IGCSE narrative writing  by mentallytwisted
IGCSE narrative writing by a
What happens when the petrified young child is finally confronted by The Monster?
  • narrative
  • writing
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GCSE betch by SophiaRose-
GCSE betchby Sophia
GCSE's r a struggle.... Come join my journey before and after 😭 I'll include some tips and tricks And teach you a likkle bit about it and behind of the scenes
  • exam
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Physics Year 11 Gcse made simple by Iluv2edgedSword
Physics Year 11 Gcse made simpleby Iluv2edgedsword
This is a book of physics short notes and Drama! When I read the year 11 book, my brain abruptly comes to 0m/s. Why? Perhaps the hard frictional force between my head an...
  • random
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Romeo and Juliet essays by step2014up
Romeo and Juliet essaysby step2014up
These are a series of essays on Romeo and Juliet that I have written and been scored for. They will be updated each week and are not being put on here to be copied, but...
  • montague
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  • fate
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Power and Conflict - Descriptive Writing by KeepCalmChloe63
Power and Conflict - Descriptive W...by KeepCalmChloe63
GCSE English students of 2018 I have the perfect story for you! As a year 11 student myself, I have had the pleasure of studying descriptive writing and poetry at the sa...
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AQA English GCSE Poetry Anthology by shadytoffee
AQA English GCSE Poetry Anthologyby shadytoffee
The book of poems from both the Love and Relationships and the Power and Conflict spec of AQA GCSE English.
  • power
  • aqa
  • relationships
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Describing a Meadow - IGCSE Descriptive Essay by RachelKaycee
Describing a Meadow - IGCSE Descri...by RachelKaycee
Descriptive writing on a meadow and the beauty of nature.
  • descriptive
  • gcse
  • meadow
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English Homework Help by samawans
English Homework Helpby samawans
This book is for all those who have got like tons of homework and are unable to do their English homework or just don't want to or anything. I can write an essay or most...
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