You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 11

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Zoey's P.O.V.


i heard my name get shouted, i pulled away from zayn as quick as i could and rushed to get to the shore. i recognised that voice anywhere, everyone came up and tryed to surround me but i pushed through them, stormed up to robbie and smashed my fist into his face. everyone, including his mates, gasped. he fell back and grabbed his nose, i felt so much adrenanline rushing through my body. i turned to see that zayn was out of the water and with the others. they were all just as shocked as i was, i turned back round to see robbie about to fling his fist into me but i moved and kicked him as hard as i could. he fell over and his mates rushed over to him, robbie's bleeding face stared up at me as i stood over him

"what the hell was that for?"

"that was for hurting zayn"

he looked at zayn behind me but i moved, blocking his view. his gaze returned to me, for a moment then i thought i saw fear. his mates helped him up and he stared at me

"im taking you home now."

he tryed to grab me but i pushed him back, but he continued to grab me until another fist crashed into his face. i turned to see zayn standing there smiling at me. robbie glared at him, still holding his bleeding face

"alright, you can have her"

i stood in front of zayn and glared at robbie

"he always had me."

robbie looked from me to zayn then back at me then


and with that he turned and walked away, his mates looked from us to the others before rushing after robbie. i stood there for a moment, watching them leave. in some ways it hurt to see him leave because i knew i still loved him deep down but i didnt need or want him anymore and he was now out of my life. forever.

i turned to zayn, he smiled at me and i smiled back. we both looked at the others, who were still very shocked. i laughed as i walked over to them, mollie, kim, ellie and courtney instantly leapt into a hug, i hugged them all and they congratulated me on my proper cool punch. i had to admit that was the best feeling ive had in a while. zayn whispered something in courtneys ear and she nodded.

we all packed up the bags and got back in the cars. instead of following the others back to their house he drove me to mine, we pulled up and i turned to him

"you can come in if you want?"

he nodded and we both got out, as we were walking up to my house i held his hand and he squeezed it and smiled. when we got to the door he reached out to knock but i grabbed his hand and faced him, his smile made me melt inside

"zayn, lets not go in yet"

he looked confused so i did wrapped my arms around his neck, i felt his hands on my waist as we both leant in. just as we were about to kiss we heard a giggle. we pulled away and turned to see kate giggling away at us.

"can i get privacy for one minute in this house?"

she shook her head but then hugged zayn and me, we wrapped our arms around her and for a moment then i had a feeling that this could be a vision showing what it could look like if i had kids with zayn and we grew up together. zayn smiled at me and i wondered if he was thinking the same thing.

Zayn's P.O.V

seeing kate hug me and zoey like this made me think that this could happen again only with mine and zoeys kid. she smiled at me at kate began to pull us both into the lounge, one day my arm will actually dislocate but i laughed along with zoey. we both sat down and her mum and dad rushed in, she jumped up and gave them both a hug. kate jumped up and sat on my lap

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