You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 7

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Zoey's P.O.V

we pulled up outside my house and zayn got out and opened my door for me, i got out and he walked me up to my door, i reached out to knock but then quickly turned to him

"my parents dont know about what robbie does"

he nodded and crossed his heart and i smiled, completely reassured, and knocked on the door. literally just as i knocked the door flung open and i was swept up into my mums arms, i tryed to breathe as she clung on tight, when she finally put me down she turned to zayn

"and who is this charming fella?"

i sighed "mum, this 'fella' is zayn from one direction"

she nodded slowly "the boys on your wall?"

i felt my cheeks go redder but i saw zayn smile out of the corner of my eye. i nodded

"yes, the boys on my wall now can you let me in?"

she made an oooh noise before moving and letting me and zayn through. i grabbed his hand and we walked in, my mum shut the door before turning to zayn

"well im isabelle but call me izzie" he nodded and shook her hand, i sighed before grabbing zayns hand again. he interwined our fingers and i felt myself blush deeper as i pulled him upstairs to my room. just as we were about to go in we heard a scream.

we both turned to see my sister screaming and pointing at zayn, we both laughed and i sent into my room, i followed him and shut the door. he began looking around at the few posters of different people, there was only 2 of one direction. he laughed as i sat on the bed, i gestured for him to sit next to me and when he did i leant my head on his shoulder. he rested is head on mine and we sat in silence for a moment before i got up, i picked up a photo frame from my bedside table, i handed it to him, he studyed it for a while before looking up at me

"when was this?"

i sighed "the first day it happened"

i sat back down and looked at the photo, mine and robbies smiling faces stared at the camera. we were at the beach with everyone and we were in the water, he was behind me with both arms wrapped around me and i was laughing.

"you two look happy"

i corrected him "us two lookED happy, we're not that happy anymore"

he looked up at me

"was it the same reason?" i nodded slowly and looked away but he moved my face to look at him again, i found myself flying into his dark eyes and perfectly chiseled face

"you need to leave him, and fast. hes an idiot that doesnt deserve a girl as beautiful as you"

i blushed and he smiled

"you look even cuter when you blush but im being truthful, he really shouldnt have the right to even look at someone like you"

i smiled "really?"

he nodded "would i lie to you?"

i thought for a moment but shook my head, he smiled and gently kissed my forehead then fell back on my bed. i laughed before falling back and gently resting my head on his body. he moved his arm and gently stroked my arm as we lay there. i was about to say something when there was a knock at my door.

"GO AWAY!" i shouted, zayn laughed "your nice"

i nodded "i know" we both laughed before listening for the reply

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