You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 6

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sorry if this is later than i had planned but ive just finished my liam payne storyy so now i can fully concentrate on this one which is very good news indeed :) <33 comment, vote and fan if you havent already, it really does mean alot :) <33 Cazza xxx


Louis' P.O.V

harry sent me upstairs to tell zayn and zoey that breakfast was ready, so still half asleep i trundled up and into his room. although i was tired when i saw zayn and zoey asleep in a hug together i woke up completely. i wanted to wake them up but ended up with a much better idea, with it i ran off and came back a few minutes later with a camera. i smiled as i got in position and clicked. However me being me forgot to check about the flash. it lit up the whole room and as your probably guessing woke up zayn and zoey.(ive totally just realised that i can call them zayzo)

they both stirred, zoey buried her head in zayn deeper, probably wanting to get to sleep bu zayn looked up at me confused. his eyes traveled to the camera then back at me

"crap." i muttered before rushing out, zayn moved zoey over before rushing after me. i ran along the corridor and leapt down the stairs, zayn was right on my tail but i just carried on running. i rushed into the lounge and pushed past niall and harry and carried on running, i ran through our dining room and into our kitchen and back out into the hallway at the bottom of the stairs(one big circle)

i stopped when i saw zoey at the top smiling down at me, the next thing i knew zayn jumped on me and we both fell over, i tryed moving the camera out of his reach and he kept trying to grab it. zoey walked down the stairs(zayn clearly hadnt noticied her yet) i pointed at her and he looked, when he saw her he instantly stopped fighting me and tryed to stand up straight. she laughed at his failed attempt.

"um...erm, u... um"

me and zoey both laughed and i quickly jumped up and whacked zayn on the back, leaning over to his ear i whispered

"good picture though"

he quickly hit me, not once taking his eyes of zoey, but i moved away laughing and headed into the kitchen.

Zoey's P.O.V

some wierd flash woke me up then zayn rushed off, i sat there confused for a second before deciding to go downstairs and look for zayn. i walked out and began to go down the stairs, i saw louis looking up at me so i smiled. he managed a small smile before being floored by zayn, i tryed to hold back laughter, louis pointed at me and zayn quickly tryed getting up before stuttering as i finished the last few steps. louis tapped him and whispered something in his ear before zayn tryed hitting him but he run off.

i reached zayn and gave him a hug, he wrapped his arms around me and we began rocking gently

"morning baby"

i pulled away and smiled "why were you chasing louis?"

he looked down at the floor

"well... he, um... nevermind" he shook it off but grabbed my hand


i nodded slowly, i hadnt eaten in ages and my belly was beginning to rumble. he pulled me into his kitchen, all the boys looked up at me and smiled. i smiled back and harry pulled out a chair for me. zayn gently sat me down and niall offered me a plate with a couple of pieces of toast, i nodded greatfully and slowly began eating a piece whilst the others just randomly chatted and ate.

"how many times have i told you boys frankie is the best" harry protested

the others shook their heads

"no, i like mollie"

i chuckled to myself as i realised they were arguing over who was the best saturday. i had finished my breakfast and was just happy listening but zayn leant over to me

"do you wanna leave?"

i turned to him, then looked back at louis who was preparing to chuck some jam at harry then quickly nodded. zayn laughed before grabbing my hand and pulling me outside, i heard a few of the boys mumble things to each other as we left, hand in hand, but i tryed to ignore it, although by the looks on zayns face im guessing he heard them too. we went into the lounge and i picked up my clothes and turned to zayn

"i'll drive you home if you want?"

i nodded slowly "thanks"

he smiled and we both walked out to his car, he drove off and at first it was silence before he spoke

"im not sure where im going"

i laughed "oh yeah, 38 wake road(A/N completely random- sorry if its real)"

he nodded and went a bit faster, yet again it was silent, except the faint radio, before he spoke again

"you can keep the clothes by the way"

i stared at him "but there yours?"

he nodded but shrugged "so? i dont use them alot, ive got many others, you can have them"

i smiled and nodded at his generosity, robbie would never let me have his clothes. "thank you"

 he smiled at me quickly before concentrating on the road and speeding off to my house.


sorry its short and late but its just a little part to get me started again :) comment and votee :) <33 Cazza xxx

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