You Are So Beautiful To Me - Chapter 14

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Zoey's P.O.V

today was the day of my first GCSE exam and i was bricking it, literally. i hadnt spoken to zayn in ages and i wanted to see him, mainly to say thank you for the necklace and dress but overal just want to see him, apparently louis told abi about robbie the other night and she doesnt like him now which i hope she doesnt. i had walked to school and went over to the girls, they hugged me and we sat around on the bench. they were all talking about something but i just zoned out.

"what do you think zoey?"

i snapped out of my daydream and looked up at them all

"huh? what? think about what?"

"a joint party for our 16th"

i nodded, without giving it any thought. i was turning 16 two days after kim so they had obviously planned it all. mollie put her arm around me and whispered in my ear

"is it zayn?"

i looked up at her, i knew she could tell when there was something wrong but she was right, there was something wrong and it was zayn. i nodded slowly

"tell me in science"

i nodded slowly, we were the only ones in our little group that were in our science class and even though we werent partners we still talked, with our partners so there was usually 4 of us and we hardly ever payed attention.

the bell went and we went to class, i sat down next to my partner, Emily(A/N IzaMcflyGirl) she smiled and we both sat down, i turned to her

"can i borrow a pen?"

she nodded and handed me one, i looked at the writing on the side. Blink-182, i laughed to myself as the lesson began. the teacher droned on and on and i ended up doodling in the corner of my science book, i didnt realise what i was doing until emily tapped me on the shoulder, i looked up at her but she pointed to my book. i looked down to see i had drawn a love heart with the letters Z.M. in, it didnt take two seconds to realise who i had been daydreaming about. i looked up at her and shook my head

"that isnt what it looks like"

she laughed "yeah i know, so what does it stand for?"

"ermm... zebras monkey?"

we both burst out in fits of laughter as i literally just said the first thing that came to my head.


i shook my head "c'mon its obvious what it is isnt it?"

she nodded and i sighed "zayn?"

i nodded and we sat in silence as i drew an arrow through it then scribbled it out. i tryed to watch the teacher but felt tears prick my eyes, em turned to me

"wanna talk about it?"

i thought for a moment then nodded slowly "during the practical, we can speak to mollie and bex" (A/N bexy135)

she nodded and we sat there bored whilst the teacher explained the practical. after that she sent us away and we walked over to where bex and mollie were setting up, we sat down around the sideboard and emily and mollie turned to me

"so whats up with zayn?" mollie asked, bex turned to me

"are you going out yet?"

i shook my head "no why?"

"oh..." she looked at the floor "its just everyones wondering when you two will get together, its all over twitter, facebook, everything"

i sighed and put my head in my hands, mollie jumped up on the sideboard next to me and put her arm around me

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