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Hey guys!!

This isnt an update on the story but just a little notice from me

so im guessing as you've got this far in reading it you'll like my stories?

I really hope you do because the other day I took a huge leap in my dream of becoming a writer

I uploaded one of my books onto the Amazon Kindle Site for people to read, buy and hopefully enjoy.

Now I know and understand some of you might ignore this because its not a new chapter but I was just wondering if you all amazing would fancy getting it, I've only placed it at £0.77 but its really because I need people to review it, give it high ratings and basically make me happier than you lot already do <3

If you do want to buy it all you have to do is go onto the Amazon Kindle site where you can buy the books, type 'I'm His Little Nerd' into the search bar and boom! You should be on the page which will allow you to buy it :D

You lovely lot seriously dont know just how much this means to me as writing as become part of my life and in a year and a bit I will be moving to Bournemouth to study Journalism at University so writing is definitely where I want to go in life.

I'm currently working on a new book but I wont be uploading that until I'm definitely sure its ready as its going to be a saga with 7 books, yeah im working that hard haha <3

But anyways, sorry again for this not being an upload but I just wanted to let you all know that I now have a book avaliable on the kindle and that it would mean so much if you lot went out and brought it, gave it a review and rating. It seriously would complete me more than you can imagine.

Love you all so much and thank you for the continued support with all the books im uploading,

More to come soon! :D

Catherine <3 xxx

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