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Author: flawed-

Chapters: 44


Rating: 10/10


Being gay is hard. Being closet gay for months and then finally coming out, earning a punch in the face, and being shunned is even worse. Having it done by your best friend of seven years who you've fallen in love with and your extra Christian mother who believes you can't be saved, kills.

But when Julian meets a new guy, a new guy giving out free hugs in front of the local mall. A guy who doesn't believe gay is a sin, who looks on the bright side of life, can he change his mind?


My eyebrows furrowed, "You're basically still in the closet..."

Raising the corner of his busted lip, he shook his head before running a hand through his curly black hair, "I'm not in the closet, I'll do whatever I want in public and not give a shit; I just don't find it important to announce my sexuality, people don't come out as straight, do they? Why should I come out as 'gay'?"


I love how the book is so realistic. It really shows the struggles of coming out and coming to terms with who you are. It also shows how some people are supportive of you, while others aren't, which is just like reality.

Fact numero catorce: Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.

Song: Hold Back The River by James Bay


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