A Demon In The Church

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Author: TheoryKierei

Chapters: 24


Rating: 9.5/10


Church never intended to raise a child, much less a human one, but when a tiny boy literally runs into him in the middle of the woods, he ends up bringing it home.

Michael is a preacher at a local church that is quickly growing in popularity for its fun services and amazing activities. When he finds out that one of his new church-goers is a demon, he makes it his job to rid the world of the vile creature...but what will happen when a little two year old boy ends up getting in the way...?


This is a nice short story. I love Hanna, he is so cute. I love how the author doesn't rush anything. Definitely must read.

Fact numero diez?": It takes the energy of 50 leaves to make one apple.

Song: Blood by Archis


~Thank you darlings

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