Wings Of A Dragonfly

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Author: Immlaaarr

Chapters: 34


Rating: 10/10


By the time Oliver was ten; he was royalty and didn't have a care in the world. At the same time, Finn was five; he was working after being sold into slavery by his starving parents. Oliver was growing up spoiled and unaware of others' situations; Finn was being treated cruelly and without wages or a decent living standard. Both of their lives changed when they first met; and now, twelve years from their first encounter, Finn is still working for Oliver. Oliver knows that as Finn is now seventeen, he only has a year before Finn may leave him forever. Finn is unconditionally in love with Oliver but knows that because of their status in life he will never be loved back. The two fight their class and their families as they begin to fall into a deeper relationship that they'd thought was possible.


I absolutely adore this book. It's full of surprises, and my favorite, has a happy ending. It's a cute story with drama. What's not to like?

Random question: Would you rather get a paper cut or stub your toe?

Song: Say Anything by Tristen Prettyman


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