Glass Half Full

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Author: duke21

Chapters: 27


(There is a revamped version called The Miles Between You and Me)

Rating: 10/10


"This is a story. A love story. It's a story of a boy who loved his best friend. It's a story of how his best friend loved a girl so much that he was willing to travel across country for her. It's a story of how we were really. Or rather, how we weren't."


Since kindergarten, internally optimistic Newton Roth and the enigmatically impulsive Damien Walters have been best friends. Thick as thieves, the pair has never been apart, doing everything together from learning how to ride a bike to getting their first car.

But the only fault is Newt's love towards Damien, even though Damien's happily taken with his girlfriend of two years Claudia. When Claudia leaves for her trip to Seattle without a formal goodbye, Damien is crushed.

Intent on getting the proper goodbye he deserves, he drags Newt with him cross the country to make that happen. Though along the way, they encounter pink-haired hitchhikers, Amazonian built bartenders, and much more. Will their friendship stay intact in the end, or will it blossom into something more?


I love this story so much. I can really feel what the characters are going through. My heart aches for Newton and his unrequited love for his best friend. It's very well written. Definitely read.

So I want to know more about you guys. Tell me a random fact about you. It doesn't even have to be unique or important, just anything.

Song: Astronauts by Bry


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