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Author: SettingTheSun

Chapters: 24


Rating: 10/10


My heart pulsated through my chest and I didn't think I could hold on for much longer. The frightening, terrorising feeling of his fingers slipping through mine was causing the arm that was gripping to the edge of the cliff to shake.

"Hold on, Harry! I've got you, I swear! Please, just hold on!" my voice held a shrill of terror to it and my eyes were filling with tears; tears of pain, frustration and sheer horror.

Harry moved his gaze from our slipping fingers to my eyes. "It's okay, Ethan. Let go. You can't save me; not this time." I hated how calm his tone was. I hated how defeated he sounded. He had never given up – we always held hope for one another! We never gave up.

"Don't you say that to me! Don't you fucking say that to me!" I roared, a small sob escaping my lips.

Harry just smiled sadly, his muscular, beautiful body swaying in the harsh wind. The fall was so big; he would surely die of a heart attack before he hit the ground. I prayed to God he would.


I was breaking my own rule; I would not give up on him. Either both of us lived or neither of us would. My life would be over the second his ended, anyway.


This book has kept me on edge the whole entire time. Once I think I have it all figured out, something totally unexpected happens. I love this book. It has played with emotions and it never gets boring. A must read.

Question: How was everybody's Christmas?

Song: Let Me Die by The Classic Crime   (My favorite band)



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