Save My Day

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Author: sallyscissor

Chapters: 41


Rating: 10/10


Damon Jacobs is new to the Hollywood scene. His bad boy attitude and sexy British accent make this up-and-comer someone to watch out for.

Topher Ashton has been a Hollywood Heartthrob since he was a teenager. He's the one all the girls want and all the guys strive to be. Even with a miserable past; Topher is the envy of all.

It's the premiere of one of Hollywood's newest blockbusters. Costars - and best friends - Topher and Damon are set to be the newest 'It-boys' when 'Save The Day' their new superhero comedy hits the box office. Will one drunken after-party change everything? And more importantly, will they lose a great friendship or will everything work out 'for better or for worse'?


This book is adorable. I love how they Topher and Damon act with each other. This book is full of fluff, but like every good book, it has conflict. It also has suspense towards the end. Just read zee book!*says in an accent that I am not sure of*.

Fact numero cuatro:

Tickling was a form of torture used in ancient China on nobility because it left no mark and recovery was quick.

Song: Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy

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