Unexpected Love

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Author: SettingTheSun

Chapters: 17


Rating: 9.5/10


Damon Matthews has it all. He's the most popular guy at school, has a hot girlfriend and has some of the best friends a guy could have.

One friend stands out to him in particular, however.

Meet Shane Flynn. The best friend of future prom king Damon. These two have been inseparable since they were five years old and always have each others backs.

But what happens when lines are crossed? What happens when feelings develop between two best friends who are doing everything they can to hide it?


This book gave me so many feels. Gah! The story turned out different than I thought it was going to be and it wasn't as cliché as I thought it would be.

Fact numero trece: The world record for constipation is 102 days.

Song: Jealous by Labrinth


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