Gay Chicken

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Author: PandaGuts

Chapters: 32


Rating: 10/10


"They have belligerent sexual tension."

"What does that even mean?"


James and Casper have been fighting for years - they've just never gotten along, ever. And then comes along a game of Gay Chicken and a kiss that changed everything.


This book is funny, witty, creative, and adorable. The main characters are different than other books, and it is just a book full of fluff and humor.

Question: Okay so I didn't make this up. It was someone else. Don't really know who though. Also if you've seen this before, do not give away the answer. Anywho...

There was a women that went to her mothers funeral. There, she met a guy whom she fell in love with. He was her dream guy. But she never got his phone number and after the funeral didn't see him again. The next day she murdered her sister. Why?

If you have the answer or think you have the answer message me...or something. I still don't know how wattpad works and its been about a year.

Comment if you get why I chose Weightless by All Time Low (by the way, you have to read the book to know)


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