The Journal

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Author: SkeneKidz

Chapters: 20


Rating: 10/10


Emerson is miserable with his life. He's constantly bullied, and his boyfriend, Matt, sides with his tormentors. When Emerson hides in the school's boiler room to escape everyone, he doesn't expect to find a journal. The journal looks simple enough, but inside, it contains the shocking story of a boy named Nash. As Emerson reads deeper into the heart wrenching words of Nash's life, he is unaware that his life is about to change forever.


This book is amazing. I love how flawed that characters were and how they grew throughout the chapters. The plot is very creative as well. Must read.

Okay so this isn't a fact or a question but I just need to get this off my chest. I just saw The Soldier's Girl, and Oh. My. Effing. Shit. I cried and sobbed uncontrollably. It was so friggen sad, and oh my god the acting and the characters and how it's based on a true story. It completely left me speechless. Just watch it. I need someone else to feel my pain. Please watch it and we can become crying buddies. *Starts sobbing cuz it's so freaking sad*

Song: Reverse by SomeKindaWonderful


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