Boys Of Suburbia

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Author: savvyinpink

Chapters: 45


Rating: 10/10


❝Never knew loving could hurt this good.❞


When ordinary and boring Sebastian Faze meets Niko Salinger, a boy set on burning his lungs and ruining his future, Sebastian knows his whole life is bound to go somewhere different.

This is a tale about two haphazardly irrelevant fucked-up teenage boys in the middle of suburbia trying to make the best of their adolescent angst-ridden years and attempting to navigate through the monotomy of their dead-end lives, hoping for a once-in-a-lifetime shot at meaning something.


It is a really good book with very flawed people and dysfunctional families. It also has a lot of drug and alcohol abuse, so if you're uncomfortable with that, then you might not want to read it.

Song: In My Veins by Andrew Belle

Question: What's a stereotype that you hate the most?

P.S I'm also pretty sure someone recommended me this book. So whoever it was, thank you! 

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