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Author: SkeneKidz

Chapters: 11

On going

Rating: 10/10


Jules has a problem- everyone thinks he's a girl. When Jules moves to a new school, he finds himself making quirky new friends. Josiah, Lea, Jimm, and Chance are outcasts who have banded together, pulling Jules into their group as well. Jules finds himself being put into outrageous situations thanks to his new friends. From stealing in the girls' locker room, to babysitting an 18 year old, to pretending to be someone's girlfriend, Jules just can't catch a break. Things get even crazier when Josiah falls in love with Jules. But Jules is straight...right?


This book is the bomb. It is so creative and the characters are so weird and unique. I don't know if the author will continue this book, but fingers crossed they will. This book is too good to delete.

Random question: I don't get why in all the boyxboy stories, at least most of the ones I've read, the girls or the protagonists girl friends are crazy or really outgoing and nutjobs. Like seriously bat shit crazy. Is this just me or do you guys notice this too?  (pardon my really bad grammar.)

song: Girls like you by The Naked and Famous


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