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Author: RainbowUnicorns

Chapters: 36


Rating: 10/10


Aiden's life is a lonely mess of suffering and torment. He's bullied daily, and abused by his mother. He's fed up with it, and on the 52nd day of the year, he's going to give up. It's all planned. So why did that have to be the day The New Boy turned up? Why did he have to go and spoil it all?

It isn't about being gay. It's about being gay, and living with it.


I haven't finished reading it, but I am almost done. I just couldn't wait to put it on here. It is beautifully written, but so so sad. If you don't like reading sad stories that mentions suicide a lot, then don't read this. It will make you rethink your life and/or grateful about what and who you have in your life. Please read.

P.S. If you want to cry even more than you probably will at the end of the book, then listen to the song afterwards. I mean, it might not make you cry, if you have no heart.

Song: Where Do We Go From Here by Ruelle

Question: What country are you from?


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