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Author: Llamas-and-whiskers

Chapters: 16


Rating: 10/10


A story that follows the journey of young Theo, a trans boy faced with the harsh reality that being his true self could possibly be the most difficult thing he'll ever have to do. Learning all too soon that love and trust can be such fickle things.


This book is so beautifully written. I love the main character and how you can feel her pain. It's just an amazing book. Also this book is about a girl that believes she is a boy, so yes it is a boyxboy. I don't want people saying that it technically isn't a bxb or else I'll flip. Seriously. She is a he because she believes she is a he. And he also believes he is gay because he is still attracted to guys. That's kind of confusing.

Fact numero quince: 23% of all photocopier malfunctions are caused by people copying their butts.

Song: Breathe In by Japanese Wallpaper (feat. Wafia)  


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