[ not a boy ]

i live by my mental age,
not my calendar.
i'm really weird and spontaneous;
i also live in a dream.
my dream is to perfect my eyeliner
as i have the art of procrastinating...
and thus, i sigh.

my twin sister
isn't really my twin
or my sister, she's just the
insufferable pain in my ass
who holds my house keys
and tries to steal my mother.

i could write some inspirational indie shit
like the meaning of life or my thoughts that i cannot
fathom into constellations, but I'm not really that
indie or that inspirational.

{name's ty ☞ junior in high school
I write (bad)
depressing poetry and
(cliche) teen fiction}

I was created to be a light.
I want to be someone's light.
And I'd be damn proud to be yours.

Ballerina Boy/ #1//TeenFic
Touched/ #2//Short Story
train wreck/ #2//short story
Psychopath / #4//TeenFic
bhb/ #9//Short Story
beautiful/ #9//short story
G&C/ #16//Short Story
Perfect/ #26//Short Story
Open/ #48: TeenFic
Black Rage/ #188//random

[✓] 1M reads
[] Win a Watty
[] Finish a novel
[ #1in short story
[✓ #1 in teen fic
[] publish officially

[brown haired boy ☞ train wreck]
[perfect ☞ touched ☞ beautiful]
#blacklivesmatter #islamisnotisis #taygetsthegay

catch me on my social media:
snapchat: fvckthesociety
tumblr: http://societyobeys.tumblr.com
ask.fm: flawedwriter (i don't use it as much)
{as of oct. 14. 2014, I no longer take reading requests}

P.O. Box: 1081
Evans, GA 30809
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make black characters that are proud of their blackness, make black characters that aren't one-dimensionalmake asian characters that aren't stereotypes, make asian characters that aren't just backgr...
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