Rowan & Justin

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Author: MaddyRawr10

Chapters: 15

Rating: 10/10


Rowan is good-looking, athletic, and clever, and attends Montague High School in his small town of Verona. Justin is a Sophomore in the bitter rival Capulet High School. With summer, Prom, and a grudge football game coming up, how will these two boys keep their heads and their hearts intact?


It is based on Romeo and Juliet, and so of course, know...the ending. It is a really good modern version of Romeo and Juliet.

Fact: In 1975, a 17 year old boy was killed while riding his moped. He was killed exactly one year after his 17 year old brother was killed while riding the same moped, in the same intersection, by the same taxi, with the same driver carrying the same passenger.  


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